Cloudian Launches Enterprise-Class File Services, Setting New Bar for Object Storage-based NAS

Industry’s first object storage-based file solution to combine full enterprise-class NAS feature set and scale-out performance, to save companies 70% TCO vs traditional NAS

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Dec. 6, 2017 – Cloudian today announced the availability of Cloudian HyperFile™, an integrated NAS Controller that delivers SMB/NFS file services from on-premises Cloudian HyperStore object storage systems. Cloudian HyperFile is the first object storage-based system to include the features essential to enterprise network attached storage (NAS) customers, thus opening the door for deployment in capacity-intensive applications that employ file data. With Cloudian HyperFile, enterprise customers can achieve limitless scalability and save 70% on total cost of ownership (TCO) when compared with traditional NAS systems.

Cloudian HyperFile incorporates NAS features essential for enterprise applications, including SMB(CIFS)/NFS support, WORM, scale-out performance, POSIX compliance and Active Directory integration. When combined with the limitless scalability of Cloudian HyperStore enterprise storage, organizations gain new on-premises options for managing the tsunami of unstructured data, now growing at over 50% annually.

Target markets for HyperFile include media and entertainment, video surveillance, medical imaging, engineering, legal, workgroup collaboration, and home directory.

“To help our customers realize the benefits of satellite-enabled products and services, we employ imagery data that occupies many petabytes of capacity across multiple storage silos. This creates significant data management challenges that will only grow over time,” said Robert Fletcher, Head of Infrastructure at Satellite Applications Catapult. “At 1/3 the cost of traditional file storage, Cloudian HyperFile will help us simplify operations by consolidating data to a limitlessly-scalable, cost-effective platform that is fully compatible with our file-based applications.”

Pricing for complete Cloudian HyperFile storage solutions, including on-premises disk-based storage, starts at less than 1/2 cent per GB/mo, representing a savings of more than 70% vs. traditional enterprise NAS.  According to analysts, the typical annual TCO for enterprise storage is 13 cents per GB/mo, of which 48% is the system cost, or approximately 6 cents per GB/mo.

“Exponential growth of unstructured data is the norm for our rapidly growing business, a trend that is further intensified as we deploy new system platforms that generate petabytes of information. We needed a file storage solution that would deliver a step-function improvement in management simplicity and capital cost reduction, while ensuring always-on availability,” said Sean McAdam, VP of Computer and Network Services at Element Fleet. “Cloudian HyperFile is the first solution we’ve seen that combines the file management features and rock-solid data durability we need with the scalability, simplicity and value that will help us save significantly on CAPEX and OPEX.”

“The market needs an enterprise-class file services platform that works adjacent to a scalable object-store, thus consolidating file and object storage to a single pool,” says Amita Potnis, research manager at IDC. “Cloudian’s HyperFile and HyperStore offerings together offer end-users a chance to leverage the cost and scale benefits of object storage while also taking advantage of enterprise NAS capabilities such as high availability, snapshots, and WORM.”

Data Migration Engine for Non-Disruptive Implementation

To simplify implementation, Cloudian HyperFile incorporates a policy-based data migration engine that transfers files to Cloudian from existing NAS systems, or from proprietary systems such as EMC Centera. IT managers select the attributes for files to be migrated and the data movement then proceeds as a background task with no service interruption.

Cloudian HyperFile is available as an appliance or as a virtual machine. The HyperFile appliance is deployed as a node within a Cloudian cluster and includes active-passive processors for rapid failover, fully redundant hardware for high-availability, and integrated caching for performance.

“Business leaders and IT professionals today face a tsunami of unstructured data, in both file and object formats, all of which must be stored, managed, protected, and analyzed. The key to success is to simplify and consolidate on-premises data management,” said Michael Tso, CEO of Cloudian. “Cloudian HyperFile completes the picture by letting organizations combine all unstructured data types in a single, infinitely scalable pool that is standards-based and highly cost-effective.”

Included as Standard Feature of Cloudian HyperStore

Two software versions, HyperFile Basic and HyperFile Enterprise, allow customers to select the required functionality. A HyperFile Basic software license is included with Cloudian HyperStore. Pricing for complete on-premises, appliance-based solutions, begins at ½ cent per GB per month. Cloudian HyperFile is available now.

“IT professionals urgently need new, innovative solutions that address the challenge of unstructured data growth,” commented Troy Platts, Director at Nexstor, a Cloudian partner. “Cloudian HyperFile delivers a compelling combination of enterprise-class features, limitless capacity, and unprecedented economics. In the face of quickly evolving requirements, HyperFile will help organizations running data-intensive applications meet the inevitable challenges of complexity, capacity, and budget.”

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