New Cloudian HyperStore Connect for Files gives enterprises global file access and collaboration, reducing cost and complexity and increasing scale

San Mateo, Calif. – December 15, 2015 – Cloudian, the leader in software-defined smart data storage, announces HyperStore Connect for Files, featuring native support for industry standard file protocols like SMB, NFS and FTP. File-based storage environments are now plug-and-play with Cloudian HyperStore, providing limitless scale and full S3 compatibility. HyperStore Connect for Files offers global file services and allows enterprises to simplify file access, management and distribution across multiple remote locations. This seamless access eliminates file server silos, consolidating them on top of a single global HyperStore object storage deployment to reduce cost and management complexity.

Key Highlights:

  • Cloudian releases HyperStore Connect for Files, enabling support for file protocols like SMB, NFS and FTP on top of Cloudian HyperStore object storage software
  • Native file access integration means no need for a third-party gateway
  • Global file locking for distributed collaboration on files
  • Global namespace provides simple file access, management and distribution across multiple locations with no downtime

Target Use Cases:

  • Multisite file collaboration using object storage
  • File server using object storage
  • Data migration to Cloud
  • Legacy backup/archive using file to cloud
  • Data distribution to branch offices
  • Data consolidation from branch offices

“We know enterprises want seamless access and integration with all the business applications they need to run their organization. That’s why we have long offered full compatibility with industry-leading Amazon S3,” said Paul Turner, chief marketing officer and technology evangelist at Cloudian. “With HyperStore Connect for Files, enterprises experience the same simple, reliable and highly scalable data storage using industry standard access protocol for files and content storage, without the need for a third-party gateway. Cloudian is committed to leading the industry in offering flexible, petabyte-scale storage architecture that delivers the agility enterprises demand as their storage and business need evolve.”

HyperStore Connect for Files is comprised of two modules – File Access Point and the Global View Manager. It is a simple plug-in component for HyperStore 5.2 and natively supports full NFS v3 and SMB 2.1. The first module, Access Point, is designed to be stateless and acts as a server that clients connect to in order to translate files to objects. The second module, Global View Manager, delivers a global namespace and global file locking for distributed collaboration across locations. Organizations using HyperStore can replicate file data across multiple sites for disaster recovery or distribution (either synchronously or asynchronously), thereby eliminating the need to buy third-party mirroring software licenses.

For More Information:

  • HyperStore Connect for Files is available for purchase as an add-on component. View the data sheet:
  • Join our webinar on December 15 at 8am PT. Industry expert, John Matze, and Vikram Gupta, Cloudian’s Product Management Director, as they introduce Cloudian Connect for Files:

About Cloudian

Based in the Silicon Valley, Cloudian is the leader in software-defined smart data storage. Its flagship product, Cloudian HyperStore®, is a fully S3-compatible storage platform that enables service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable hybrid cloud storage solutions.


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