Cloudian Solution Eliminates Limits on the Amount of Network Camera Data that Can Be Captured, Stored and Leveraged Economically

Cloudian ConnectStore software links Axis Communications’ cameras to object storage, expanding video’s potential for security, IoT and artificial intelligence

SAN MATEO, Calif., Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cloudian, the innovation leader in enterprise object storage systems, today announced software that will connect Axis Communications’ network cameras to its Cloudian HyperStore object storage system, allowing users to capture and store large amounts of high-definition video data affordably and leverage it efficiently.

The Cloudian ConnectStore is an S3 API-compatible connector that can be downloaded and installed on existing Axis network cameras. The connector enables the cameras to transmit data directly to a Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible object storage system, where it can be stored economically. HyperStore’s metadata-driven search capabilities make it easy for users to search the system for specific frames or segments of video.

Conventional network cameras usually store captured images on media such as SD cards or on Network Attached Storage (NAS) but there is a limit to how much data these media can preserve and manage over time. The Cloudian solution allows the data captured by Axis’ network cameras to be saved directly to HyperStore via the internet for economical archiving, even as data volumes increase.

HyperStore does not suffer from the capacity limitations of conventional NAS devices. The capacity of the entire storage system expands as nodes are added, but they do not impose additional storage management overhead, allowing capacity to grow as the amount of captured and stored data grows.

HyperStore is based on the S3 API, making it ideal for storing data transmitted through the internet. The upload API divides large files such as videos into chunks for transmission. Even if a transmission is interrupted by a network failure, there is no need to retransmit the whole file, an important feature for businesses dealing with high-definition/large-capacity images such as 4K/8K video.

Although network cameras are most often used for security and surveillance, their use will expand as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies draw data from images. This trend sets the stage for a dramatic increase in the volume of video data that businesses must store and manage.

“The relationship between network cameras and cloud storage will become extremely important in the era of IoT, Big Data and AI, which are driving the proliferation of new uses for devices, including cameras,” said Jon Toor, CMO of Cloudian. “Our partnership with Axis Communications has led to an exciting new solution that will in many ways drive the transformation of business and accelerate these state-of-the-art technologies, globally.”

“We’re excited to welcome Cloudian to our Technology Partner Program (TPP) and to have created a joint offering that truly addresses customer needs,” said Vince Ricco, Business Development Manager, TPP, Axis Communications, Inc. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Cloudian.”

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