Cloudian HyperStore 5.2 and new capacity-optimized appliances with eight storage nodes in 3U give enterprises infinite scale and ‘always on’ storage for the life of their business at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage arrays

Cloudian, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise-grade, fully S3 compatible, smart data storage solutions, has today released Cloudian HyperStore ‘forever live’ FL3000 series arrays and HyperStore 5.2 software. The new appliances, which can start small and scale up to 3.8 petabytes of storage in a single data center rack, offer businesses the ability to scale with the demands of the business, from terabytes to hundreds of petabytes.

Every system component is hot swappable, eliminating server downtime in the event of a node failure. HyperStore 5.2 introduces new self-service storage policies, which allow enterprises to set data durability policies per application, optimizing data protection and reducing operational costs.

Key Highlights:

  • Cloudian HyperStore “forever live” FL3000 series arrays provide continuous operations with no downtime
  • Scale on demand from terabytes to hundreds of petabytes
  • HyperStore 5.2 features new self-service storage policies enabling user-level data policy management for optimized data protection and cost reduction

“As enterprise data volumes continue to explode, enabling technologies such as object storage and self-service data management are becoming key ingredients in building a more efficient and agile underlying infrastructure,” said Simon Robinson, research vice president, 451 Research. “Organizations looking for a software defined storage solution need to consider a smart data storage platform that not only stores the data in a scalable, cost effective way but has the ability to help enterprises large and small put data management in the hands of their people.”

“Traditionally, it was common for a business to reinvest in a new storage platform every three to five years as data needs or IT priorities changed. However, HyperStore 5.2 and the new FL3000 appliances turn that notion on its head,” said Paul Turner, chief marketing officer and technology evangelist at Cloudian, Inc. “Cloudian HyperStore is the only fully S3-compliant, multi-tenant, multi-data center solution that is ‘forever live.’ Enterprises require always-on access to business-critical data and the FL3000 series delivers on this. An enterprise can deploy once and manage its data, on its own terms, forever.”

HyperStore Capacity-Optimized Appliances
The FL3000 series appliances provide up to eight nodes in 3U, each with up to 128GB memory, Intel Xeon-based processor and dual flash drives for metadata optimization. The data storage is provided in 60-drive 4U capacity storage shelves. The appliances reduce operational complexity with 50 percent less footprint and 60 percent fewer servers, cables and network ports.

Self-Service Storage Policies
HyperStore 5.2 self-service storage policies enable users to define policies for their data at the bucket level, while the IT department retains oversight for data distribution and protection at the data center level. HyperStore’s user-level policy management empowers individuals across the organization to set policy specifications for their data, while saving the business significant operational costs.

Cloudian HyperStore 5.2 and HyperStore FL3000 appliances are available immediately. For more information, visit:

Come visit us at IBC 2015 Amsterdam, Netherlands (September 11-15, 2015), in Hall 2 Stand C11.

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