Leading IaaS Player Is Latest Company to Turn to Cloudian For its Public Cloud Storage Solution

Foster City, CA — May 21, 2012 Gemini Technologies today announced that Constant Hosting, an emerging leader in the public cloud storage and infrastructure as a service markets, has selected Gemini’s industry-leading Cloudian software to power its cloud storage service, continuing Cloudian’s momentum as the choice of Cloud Service Providers looking to build reliable, multi-tenant S3 compatible storage solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Constant Hosting turned to Gemini because of Cloudian’s unique ability to provide full S3 compatibility in a quick-to-deploy turnkey cloud storage platform. Constant Hosting can now offer reliable and scalable cloud storage services via low cost commodity hardware while taking advantage of the broad number of applications in the Amazon Web Services ecosystem, enabling numerous profitable use cases. Cloudian is allowing the rapidly growing Constant Hosting to add key end user applications and low cost public storage without worries about scale or reliability.

“We are thrilled to have full Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage with Cloudian. No other cloud storage solution can offer a comprehensive solution that meets our customers’ and partners’ demands,” said Brian Haun, Cloud Services Director, Constant Hosting. “Not only is Cloudian the most affordable and reliable solution we have found, it is also the most robust. We look forward to continuing to grow our services and business with Cloudian.”

The Cloudian platform offers a fully distributed, peer-to-peer architecture, with no single point of failure. Cloudian also provides a comprehensive user interface for both end user applications as well as administrative functions, including billing , monitoring and provisioning. The solution easily scales from one node up to hundreds of nodes across multiple data centers, supporting petabytes of data. System operators can leverage heterogeneous commodity PC servers for cost-effective horizontal scalability. New node detection and data re-balancing is performed automatically without service interruption.
“With the Cloudian S3-compatible platform, public cloud providers such as Constant Hosting can build out highly reliable, powerful cloud storage options that can help them build their businesses,” said Giorgio Propersi, Gemini general manager, Americas and EMEA. “In addition, by using low-cost commodity infrastructure, Cloudian is taking down barriers and enabling companies to offer new innovative services without budget worries, which is exactly what Constant Hosting is doing today. We look forward to helping Constant Hosting continue to grow in the years to come.”

For more information on Cloudian, please visit: http://cloudian.wpengine.com/products/

About Gemini

Founded in 2001, Gemini has been a worldwide leader in developing and deploying “Big Data” solutions for service providers around the globe. Today Gemini has transformed itself into a cloud pioneer and is uniquely positioned to provide service providers and enterprises with solutions for their cloud storage needs. Utilizing Cloudian’s unique HyperStore™ storage layer for maximum flexibility, service providers can now offer reliable and scalable cloud storage solutions utilizing low cost commodity hardware, while taking advantage of the broad number of applications in the S3 ecosystem. Gemini customers include Alcatel-Lucent, Vodafone, Nextel, Docomo, NTT, SoftBank, Telecom Italia, Nifty, and Clara Online, among others. The company is headquartered in Foster City, California, and has offices in Japan and China. For more information, visit www.cloudian.com or email [email protected].

About Constant Hosting

Constant Hosting is an emerging leader in the Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) industry, providing a broad range of solutions including compute, object storage, productivity apps and DNS. Constant also offers Managed Dedicated Hosting, IP Transit and Colocation distributed across multiple strategically located datacenters around the globe. Evolving since 1999, Constant Hosting conducts primary operations from and maintains corporate offices in the New York Metropolitan area. For more information, please visit www.constant.com.

For more information, please contact:

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Cloudian is a registered trademark of Gemini Mobile Technologies.

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