Amazon S3 Platform enables cost-effective, quick deployment with better features

FOSTER CITY, Calif — Sept. 07, 2011 Gemini Mobile Technologies® today announced the commercial release of Cloudian software, an Amazon S3-compliant cloud storage platform that enables service providers and cloud providers to build reliable, multi-tenant data storage systems. Utilizing a NOSQL storage layer for maximum flexibility, service providers can now offer reliable and scalable cloud storage solutions utilizing low cost commodity hardware, while taking advantage of the broad number of applications in the Amazon Web Services ecosystem.

Cloudian is designed specifically to meet the demands of high volume and multi-tenant/multi-datacenter storage provisioning for virtualized resources, group support, quality of service controls, access control rights, reporting and billing, for public or private clouds.

“Social media and Internet business continues to drive the need for greater data storage,” said Kentaro Iemoto, President of Clara Online, one of the most innovative Service Providers in Japan. “Cloudian is a quick and cost-effective solution that has enabled us to provide our customers with a wide selection of cloud storage options from small- to large-scale data needs.”

The Cloudian platform offers a fully distributed, peer-to-peer architecture, with no single point of failure. The system easily scales from two nodes up to hundreds of nodes across multiple Datacenters, supporting petabytes of data. System operators can leverage heterogeneous commodity PC servers for cost-effective horizontal scalability. New node detection and data re-balancing is performed automatically without service interruption.

Cloudian provides a robust and flexible management interface, which accommodates a wide variety of billing and licensing models.

Key Features Cost-effective SLA management: matches cluster deployments with customers SLAs and includes multi-datacenter replication.

Replication and Multi-Datacenters: fault tolerance and multi-datacenter support allows users to provide disaster recovery capability for customers.

Easy and affordable scalability: architecture offers a “plug and play” approach. Automatic load redistribution allows additional capacity to be added immediately.

Cost-effective system requirements: requires only commodity servers and is designed to run on a wide range of hardware in order to meet price/performance requirements.

S3 REST Advanced API Features: enables seamless interoperability of applications developed for Amazon S3-based storage clouds.

High Availability and disaster recover: built-in failover settings ensure that server failure does not impact the availability or integrity of data. Data is replicated on multiple servers in cluster.

Multi-Datacenter replication: the number of replicas is managed by system and group administrators. Administrators can configure replication value in order to meet SLA and cost objectives.

Access control: offers group- and user-level access control of objects and allows for read-only or read-write access for objects.

QoS control: provides group- and user-level control of total storage.

Integrated billing and management system: usage data available per System, group and user. Supports multiple billing and subscription revenue models. Classes of Service settings allow for pre-defined billing settings. Provides usage-based reporting for pay-for-use billing.

Account segmentation: each account is logically segmented on the cluster. Account data is accessible only by user or group administrator.

“Cloudian was developed to enable service providers to deploy easy to use, well supported, and affordable cloud storage solutions,” said Giorgio Propersi, Gemini general manager, Americas and EMEA. “With the Cloudian S3-compatible platform, public and private cloud providers can make key strategic decisions around the build out of a highly-reliable cloud storage environment, along with the utilization of low-cost commodity infrastructure.”

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