Software allows Internet and Cloud Service Providers to provide Amazon S3-like services from their own datacenters, giving customers more choices and better features.

FOSTER CITY, Calif — March 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ Gemini Mobile Technologies (“Gemini”) announced today that several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have started trials of its Cloudian® software. Cloudian® allows ISPs and CSPs to provide Amazon S3 compliant “Cloud Storage on Demand” services to web service providers and enterprise applications. Applications developed for the Amazon S3 API will work on a Cloudian® system without modification. Cloudian® allows the same physical storage cluster to be shared by thousands of tenant users, with flexible billing based on usage and traffic. A fully redundant Cloudian® service requires only 2 PCs and scales to hundreds of PCs in multiple datacenters.

Web Service Providers (e.g. gaming, SNS, file sharing, webmail) and Enterprises (e.g. ecommerce, data mining, email) are beginning to solve Big Data problems economically with NOSQL (Not Only SQL) technology, which originates from Cloud Storage technologies at Google, Facebook, and Amazon. However, as NOSQL technologies are relatively new, early adopters are spending significant resources in the training, set up, and operations of NOSQL server clusters. Storage On Demand services enabled by Cloudian® lower the technology and cost barriers for companies to benefit from NOSQL Technologies: companies pay for only usage and do not need to buy and operate servers and new database technologies. Customers can choose which Cloudian® enabled ISP/CSP to store their data. In addition, Cloudian® allows ISPs/CSPs to easily set up private clouds for customers requiring custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

“To harness the power of the Social Web, every business with an online presence must find solutions to Big Data problems.” said Michael Tso, co-founder and COO of Gemini. “With Cloudian®, NOSQL Cloud Storage technology becomes easier and cheaper, giving users more choices and better service.”

Cloudian® currently supports the Amazon S3 REST API with a Cassandra database backend. Future versions will support other NOSQL database backends and their native APIs. Cloudian® is available for free evaluation at:

About Gemini Mobile Technologies

Gemini is a leading provider of high-performance, cloud-enabled messaging platforms. Gemini is a pioneer in real time Big Data and NOSQL database technology, developing the Hibari® Key Value Store, Hibari® Gigabyte-Maildir Email Store, and the Cloudian® Multi-Tenant Cloud Storage System. Gemini has offices in San Francisco, Tokyo and Beijing. Gemini’s customers include NTT DOCOMO, NTT Resonant, Softbank Mobile, Vodafone, and Nextel International; the company also has OEM partnerships with Alcatel-Lucent and Bytemobile. Gemini is backed by Goldman Sachs, Mitsubishi-UFG Capital, Nomura Securities, Mizuho Capital, Access, and Aplix. For more information, visit

Hibari® is a registered trademark of Gemini Mobile Technologies, K.K.

Cloudian® is a trademark of Gemini Mobile Technologies, Inc. and K.K.


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