TOKYO, Japan — Dec 06, 2011 Gemini Mobile Technologies KK (hereinafter “Gemini”) announced that its Cloudian® software was selected to power Nifty Cloud Storage, a market leading cloud storage service provided by Nifty Corporation (hereinafter “Nifty”)

Gemini’s Cloudian is a turnkey cloud storage software product with full Amazon S3 API compatibility. It provides high volume, multi-tenant, and multi-datacenter cloud storage. With features like virtualized resources, user groups, quality of service controls, access control rights, reporting and billing, Cloudian enables Cloud Service Providers to rapidly deploy turnkey public and private clouds on low cost commodity hardware. Cloudian’s automatic replication, failover, and rebalancing features provide high reliability and help Service Provides to avoid high initial investment in storage appliances.

Cloudian’s full S3 API compatibility allows Service Providers to benefit from the richness and variety of applications in the Amazon Web Services ecosystem. Web applications, appliances, and tools that support S3 REST API can be used with Cloudian without modification.

Endorsement by Nifty

“On September 29, 2011, Nifty announced the Nifty Cloud Storage, which is an elastic cloud storage service with unlimited capacity,” said Mr. Hiroshi Kurahara, General Manager of Cloud Business at Nifty. “Due to Gemini’s Cloudian product, with very fast time to market, we were able to enhance the existing Nifty Cloud service with Nifty Cloud Storage. Together with Gemini, Nifty Cloud will continue to provide market leading features and value in the cloud computing market.”

(NOTE) S3 REST API: Application Programming Interface to use REST (REpresentational State Transfer) of S3 (Simple Storage Service), the Cloud Storage service provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services). S3 REST API is the de-facto standard, with hundreds of publically available applications and tools in S3’s diverse and active ecosystem.

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About Gemini Mobile Technologies

Founded in 2001, Gemini Mobile Technologies ( has been a worldwide leader in developing and deploying “Big Data” solutions for service providers around the globe. Gemini’s software platform solutions leverage its HyperScale® technology, an extremely powerful and very modular architecture designed to provide mobile carriers, ISPs, and cloud service providers with solutions that have set the standard for flexibility, scalability, and low cost. Gemini customers include Alcatel-Lucent, Vodafone, Nextel, SoftBank and Telecom Italia, among others. The company is headquartered in Foster City, California, and has offices in Japan and China.

Cloudian® is the registered mark of Gemini Mobile Technologies K.K

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