Cloudian Platform to be part of NTT Communications “Biz Hosting Cloud” Global Cloud Services

FOSTER CITY, Calif., October 30, 2012 Cloudian, the leader in S3 compatible cloud storage software, today announced that NTT Communications has selected Cloudian’s industry-leading platform to power its cloud storage service, “Biz Hosting Cloud Object Storage”. The service is being initially provided via NTT Communications data centers in Japan, to be followed by data centers in the United States and in other countries. NTT Communications is a subsidiary of NTT Corporation, one of the world’s largest providers of telecommunications services and ranked number one in the telecom industry in the Fortune Global 500.

After a thorough study of all solutions in the market, NTT chose Cloudian because Cloudian provided the greatest level of S3 compatibility, scalability, multi-tenant and multi-datacenter capabilities. In addition to being the first fully S3 compatible object store on the market, Cloudian had proven its reliability, ease of use, and superior support with more than a year of commercial deployments. Since NTT had previously selected the Citrix CloudPlatform for its cloud compute services, another important factor in its selection of Cloudian was the partnership between Cloudian and Citrix and the tight integration of those platforms.

Mr. Susumu Okuhira, NTT Communications Director of Hosting and Platform Service, Cloud Services said, “NTT Communications launched a business hosting service, ‘Biz Hosting Cloud’ on March 30, 2012. Our aim is to provide innovative, highly reliable ICT service seamlessly across the globe under our ‘Global Cloud Vision.’ With this aim, we were also studying an object storage service that is highly scalable, with unlimited data capacity. Cloudian has a proven track record in global markets to provide highly resilient and robust object storage with an Amazon S3-compatible API, which we believe is an optimal fit with our idea of object storage service.”

“This deployment is an important milestone for the Cloudian Platform and we are excited to have been chosen by NTT Communications,” said Michael Tso, COO, Cloudian, Inc. “Considering the thoroughness of NTT Communication’s evaluation process and the size of the deployment of the Cloud Storage-as-a- Service, we believe that Cloudian can now be considered as one of the few proven cloud storage solutions ready for customers with the highest profile and largest systems in the world.”

Cloudian is ideal for enterprises and service providers looking to offer Amazon S3-compatible Storage as a Service (StaaS) and/or provide secondary storage systems for their cloud compute platforms, such as Citrix Cloud Platform, Apache CloudStack, and OpenStack. The company recently released the free Cloudian Community Edition, which will support up to 100 TB of useable storage and offer forum support, opening up the scalability, reliability and power of cloud object storage to anyone building an Amazon S3-compatible cloud, be it public, private or hybrid.

About The Cloudian® Cloud Storage Platform

Cloudian is an Amazon S3-compliant cloud storage platform that enables service providers and enterprises to build reliable, scalable, multi-tenant cloud storage systems using commodity PC servers. Cloudian has a fully distributed, peer-to-peer architecture, with no single point of failure. Cloudian scales elastically from two nodes to thousands of nodes across multiple data centers, supporting petabytes of data. Cloudian provides a complete and flexible management interface, which accommodates a wide variety of billing, access control, and quality of service capabilities.

About Cloudian®

Cloudian, Inc. is a Foster City, Calif. based software company specializing in cloud storage software. The main product is Cloudian®, an Amazon S3-compatible cloud object storage platform that enables service providers and enterprises to build reliable, affordable and scalable public, private and hybrid clouds. Cloudian is actively partnering with leading cloud computing environments including Citrix Cloud Platform and OpenStack, cloud on-ramp providers, and the vast ecosystem of tools and applications that is afforded through true S3 compatibility. Cloudian’s customers include Vodafone, Nextel, NTT, SoftBank, Nifty, and Lunacloud. The company has offices in China and Japan. For more information or to try Cloudian today, please visit

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