Seventh VAR (Value-Added Reseller) of Cloudian, a cloud storage software product which is fully compliant with S3 API

TOKYO, Japan — May 8, 2012 Gemini Mobile Technologies KK (Gemini) announced today that it now has partnership with seven companies as Value-Added Resellers of Cloudian, a packaged software product which enables the building of cloud storage systems that are fully compliant with Amzaon S3 REST API, by adding TOUA Corporation (TOUA) to a list of existing VAR’s, including NTT Software Corporation, Creationline Inc., CLARA ONLINE Inc., Core Micro Systems Inc., Science Information Systems Co. Ltd, and Nippon Telematique Inc.

TOUA is a company that provides a wide range of customers in public and private domains with products and solutions to record a large volume of data, so-called big data;

Video solutions, focusing on surveillance

Embedded solutions, focusing on sensors and wireless modules

Log record solutions, focusing on entrance and exit management and PC authentication

TOUA aims to build safe data storage in a short time to market, provide high-speed functionality to record big data, and deploy value added service based on analysis of recorded data.

Mr. Ushio Ishizuka, Representative Director and President of TOUA, said about becoming a Cloudian VAR, “Now we can provide our products and solutions by combining Cloudian that uses cloud computing technology for building cloud storage to store Big Data. We are excited to be able to deploy innovate business more than ever.”

Cloudian has proven records of commercial use for cloud storage services in and outside Japan, including “Nifty Cloud Storage”. It can be also used for enterprises as private clouds or hybrid clouds. Since Cloudian is fully compliant with S3 API, which is a de facto standard of cloud storage, it allows users to leverage existing S3 ecosystems. Cloudian is also expected to be applied to products and solutions in an M2M (machine-to-machine) market that is estimated to show a significant growth.

Sales and technical support of Cloudian will be provided by seven VAR’s who have qualified resources as CCE (Cloudian Certified Engineers), including NTT Software Corporation, Creationline Inc., CLARA ONLINE Inc., Core Micro Systems Inc., Science Information Systems Co. Ltd, Nippon Telematique Inc., and TOUA.

About TOUA

TOUA provides consultation in a wide scope of industries and business sectors, system development, IT infrastructure build-up, and system operations and maintenance based on their wide scope of hardware and software product knowledge, regardless of machine models, OS, languages and DB’s.

Characteristics of Cloudian

1. Fully compliant with S3 REST API(*)

There are hundreds of web services, applications, appliances, tools, and others that use S3 REST API, including Dropbox, a file sharing service. They form a growing S3 ecosystem that is becoming a de facto standard.Cloudian users can use these S3 REST API based applications and other ecosystem products on an as-is basis.

2. Highly scalable, flexible, reliable and available

Cloudian is highly scalable and flexible to allow cloud service providers and enterprises to economically increase a storable data size of clusters by adding commodity IA servers to cope with growing volume of data needing to be stored.Cloudian is also reliable and available via multiple Datacenters (multi-Datacenter features) which is effective for disaster recovery, automatics data replication on multiple servers, and automatic recovery and rebalancing upon server failures. In addition, “HyperStore™”, a unique technology developed by Gemini, is used to improve performance and efficient use of hard disks.

Please visit the following site for details of Cloudian:

A trial version of Cloudian is offered free of charge for thirty days. Nearly a hundred companies globally have applied for a trial to date.

S3 REST API : It is an API (Application Programming Interface) that is publicly available from Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), a cloud storage service provided by AWS (Amazon Web Service), through a REST (Representational State Transfer) method.

*Generally names of companies, systems, and products included in this press release are trademarks, including registered marks, of individual companies.

About Gemini

Gemini plans, develops, and provides varied products from large-scale commercial systems for telecom operators, including “Cloudian”, a cloud storage product that is fully compliant with S3 REST API, and “Hibari”, a NOSQL database, to high-quality software for service providers and enterprises. Gemini is located in Tokyo, San Francisco, and Beijing.

Cloudian and Hibari are registered trademarks of Gemini Mobile Technologies KK.

Company profile

Name: Gemini Mobile Technologies KK
Representative: Hiroshi Ohta
Office: Shibuya Place Bldg, 7F, 1-10-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Founded: July 2001


Gemini Mobile Technologies KK
Name: Shinya Motohashi (Mr.), Corporate Planning Office
Email:[email protected]
Phone: +81-3-5456-9486

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