The Choice is Yours

Configuration options for Cloudian HyperStore object storage and Cloudian HyperFile file storage solutions.

Cloudian HyperFile and HyperStore appliances


Fully supported Cloudian HyperStore and HyperFile appliances for turnkey installations.


Run Cloudian software on the industry-standard servers you choose.



HyperStore Object Storage: The 1U and 4U Cloudian HyperStore appliances range from 48TB to 840TB. Select the capacity that meets your needs today, then expand without disruption.

HyperFile NAS Controller: The 1U and 2U Cloudian HyperFile appliances include single and dual processor models, with multiple caching options to suit your workload requirements.

Scale-out design

Scale up with any Cloudian solution. The modular architecture expands to meet your growing storage needs, with complete investment protection.


Deploy Cloudian HyperStore on your choice of industry-standard servers.

Deploy Cloudian HyperFile on your VMware servers.

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