Cloudian HyperFile NAS Controller Datasheet

Cloudian HyperFile™ overcomes the limitations of traditional NAS and supports your cloud initiatives with infinitely scalable file storage and multiple data management options. Maintain storage entirely on-prem, or span your on-premises and cloud storage environments. HyperFile enables innovative solutions to store, share, and leverage information.

Cloudian HyperFile is a scale-out NAS controller that delivers enterprise file services from Cloudian HyperStore™ object storage systems. The HyperFile NAS Controller delivers limitlessly scalable, highly available on-premises file services with all the functionality you expect from enterprise NAS—and more.

The HyperFile NAS Controller delivers unified support for file and object storage plus the full range of enterprise NAS features—such as SMB/NFS support, POSIX-compliance, snapshots, and WORM—all in a fault-tolerant, highly available platform. With next-generation capabilities like multi-cloud integration and converged data access support, HyperFile is a solution that goes far beyond traditional NAS.

HyperFile Capabilities

Enterprise File Services Platform
POSIX-compliant file system provides multi-protocol access that is fully compatible with NFS and SMB (CIFS) clients. User authentication via Active Directory and LDAP.

Independently scale performance and capacity with multiple NAS Controllers.

Multi-Controller and High-Availability
Each HyperFile NAS Controller includes high-availability support, with dual nodes operating in an active-passive mode. Non-disruptive failover ensures uptime. Multiple NAS Controllers can access the same namespace.

Multiple levels of redundancy for continuous uptime. Active-passive failover, plus multi-controller capability.

Snapshot Support
Create file system snapshots for each namespace on a schedule you set. Generate point-in-time copies for data protection.

WORM for Data Immutability
Create non-rewritable, non-erasable data to prevent files from being altered or deleted until a predetermined or default retention date. Multi-tenancy lest you create WORM-enabled storage within a shared environment.

Converged Data Access
Directly access file data from object storage without traversing the HyperFile controller. S3-enabled applications can directly read and write file data to object storage—on-prem or in the cloud. Write file data with S3 and read with HyperFile, or the reverse. Access S3-compatible storage via both file-based apps and S3-compatible apps.

Cloud-based and on-premises apps have direct access to file data.

Multi-Cloud Support
Integrated support for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google GCP. Store data on-prem, then replicate or migrate to the cloud platform of your choice.

Global Namespace
Employ a single namespace across multiple NAS controllers to enable shared access by multiple workgroups. Users and applications globally can read and write to a common data set.

Access a single namespace from multiple NAS Controllers to share information across multiple workgroups.

When a single cluster is shared by multiple groups or clients, multi-tenancy lets you assign separate namespaces to each group for isolation and segregated management. QoS at the storage level lets you guarantee performance to each group.


A single cluster can include multiple namespaces for isolation. QoS ensures storage performance for each user group.

Replicate data to multiple locations for global content distribution. HyperFile can be deployed at remote sites, connected via WAN to a central HyperStore cluster.

For content distribution or collaboration, local HyperFile NAS Controllers plus local storage ensure fast access. Integrated data management tools provide data replication and migration options.

Data Migration Engine for Non-Disruptive Implementation
Integrated data migration capabilities help you execute non-disruptive data migration from conventional NAS to Cloudian HyperFile. All migration occurs as a background task, allowing continuous file access during the process.

Non-disruptive migration from existing NAS is managed as a background task. Selected files are migrated with uninterrupted user access.

Local Caching
Each HyperFile NAS Controller includes local caching to accelerate read/write performance. You may select the appropriate cache size for your usage profile to optimise cost vs performance.

Appliance or Virtual Machine
Cloudian HyperFile is available either as a pre-configured, fully-supported appliance, or as a virtual machine.

Cloudian HyperFile NAS Controller
Scale-out file services from Cloudian HyperStore. Get SMB/NFS support, limitless scalability, plus enterprise NAS features such as snapshots, WORM, and global namespace.


Full Suite of Enterprise File Services
Supports users and applications with SMB/NFS/FTP, plus Active Directory and LDAP integration. Snapshot and WORM capabilities.

Limitlessly Scalable Infrastructure Consolidation
Unified storage for both files and objects with limitless capacity scalability and multi-controller support.

New Options for Cloud Integration
Three features combine to open new data management options: Multi-cloud support, converged data access, and data migration/replication.

Maximum Uptime
Multiple levels of redundancy, up to 14 nines data durability, and integrated DR options.

Superior Value
Scale capacity at cloud-like costs. Leverage the latest server and storage technology with pre-configured HA appliances or deploy on the industry-standard servers you choose.


  • Media and Entertainment
  • Home Directory
  • Collaboration
  • Video Surveillence
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Storage-as-a-Service


HyperFile Basic NAS Controller

Multi-Protocol Access

  • POSIX compliant

High Availability

  • Active/passive HA
  • Non-disruptive failover
  • Asynchronous mirroring for DR

User Authentication

  • Active Directory and LDAP

Acceleration Caching

  • Read and write file caching

Converged Data Access Support

  • Access files directly to/from object storage
  • Allows S3-enabled applications to directly read/write file data

Data Migration to S3 Object Storage

  • Legacy NAS/file server to HyperFile


  • Up to 64 namespaces per controller

HyperFile Enterprise NAS Controller

All HyperFile Basic features, plus:


  • Point-in-time copies of file systems
  • For data protection of single files or entire file systems


  • Allows NAS Controllers to be located across multiple sites with access to a common namespace
  • Global namespace
  • Multi-controller access
  • File versioning

Additional Features


  • Provides secure data retention
  • Data immutability for regulatory compliance

Cloudian HyperFile Appliances


  • Single node 1U chassis
  • Up to 12x hot-swappable 3.5” disk drives
  • Up to 4x hot-swappable 2.5” disk drives
  • 10Gbe networking


  • 2 nodes in single 2U chassis
  • 24x hot-swappable 3.5” disk drives
  • 10Gbe networking