Scalable, S3-compatible data management for



Maximize the performance and compatibility of your AI workloads with a limitlessly scalable datalake.


Data Observability

Collect and manage massive datasets and perform real-time data analytics to accelerate insights that generate business value.

data protection

Data Protection

Protect your data with military-grade security and S3 Object Lock data immutability.

In the dynamic landscape of data-driven decision-making, maintaining sovereignty over your data is no longer a preference but a necessity. Enter Cloudian HyperStore – an AI-ready, multi-tenant, secure hybrid datalake for your S3 applications.

Capabilities and Benefits​

Native S3 API Compatibility​

The industry’s only fully-native S3 API implementation delivers the highest S3 API compatibility to ensure trouble-free application support both now and in the future.

S3 compatibility

Unified file object

Unified File and Object

Consolidate files and objects to a single storage environment to simplify management and reduce costs.


Deploy storage anywhere with Cloudian’s geo-distributed architecture. Maximize data availability and performance with full control and single-screen data management.

Geo Distributed

Bimodal Data Access

Bimodal Data Access

Gain the flexibility to share information across both legacy and modern applications. With bimodal support, you can access all unstructured data as either files or objects regardless of the original format.

Military-Grade Security​

Cloudian offers the most extensive set of security certifications in object storage, plus data immutability for ransomware protection and Secure Shell for intrusion defense.



Limitless Scalability​​

Start small and grow to exabytes without interruption. Cloudian’s modular architecture lets you seamlessly add capacity on-demand.

High Performance

Deploy Cloudian on the hardware of your choice, including all-flash for blazing performance and thrifty power efficiency, or HDD for the lowest TCO.



Hybrid Cloud​

Consolidate your cloud and on-prem worlds with cloud integration and policy-based data management. Supports AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds.

Complete Visibility

View storage, networking and server metrics with Cloudian HyperIQ observability and analytics software. Identify trends and spot anomalies before they become issues.




Create separate namespaces to securely deploy multiple use cases within a single Cloudian system. Cloudian enables a shared private cloud for all of your workloads.


“With Cloudian, DR became automatic. We store data to the archive and it’s automatically replicated to the cloud. That’s a lot simpler and more reliable than managing tapes.”​​

Shane Miner​
GBH Senior Director of Technical Services

Key Use Cases​

object lock enabled

Ransomware Protection​

Deploy Cloudian as an on-prem target for reliable, high-speed backup and restore. Object Lock enables set-and-forget ransomware protection. Cloudian is proven compatible with all major data protection software.​

Storage Services​​

Provide services to multiple users, applications or customers from a single storage pool. Cloudian’s cloud-native, service-ready architecture make it secure and easy to manage.​

storage services

geographic boundary

Data Sovereignty​​​

Regulatory compliance often requires tight control of data locality. Cloudian gives you complete control over data location, while providing the scale and simplicity of cloud-native data management.

The Object Storage Buyer’s Guide

Learn how customers leverage Cloudian for unstructured data management, ransomware protection, analytics and more. ​

Deployment Options​​​


Cloudian HyperStore software runs on VMs, the public cloud, and industry standard servers from most hardware vendors. See the datasheet for hardware requirements.

Cloudian Appliances​

Cloudian appliances include pre-integrated HyperStore software. Available in 1U and 4U form factors, and in all-flash and HDD-based configurations, Cloudian appliances offer capacities ranging from under 100TB to over 1PB. ​