Enterprise-grade, fully native S3-compatible object storage with the VMware vSAN™ Data Persistence platform for traditional and containerized applications

Rise of Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Applications

As enterprises increasingly adopt Kubernetes and deploy modern, cloud-native applications, there is a need to ensure associated storage is also modernized and up-to-date. A key challenge is for storage to support both new container-based applications as well as traditional applications. Application requirements also demand storage platform integration with VMware to seamlessly support both stateless and stateful workloads along with the necessary performance and SLA guarantees.


Cloudian’s enterprise-grade, fully native, S3-compatible object storage software integrated with the VMware vSAN Persistent Services platform enables new efficiencies and savings by allowing enterprises to run both modern, cloud-native applications and traditional applications on a single, shared storage environment, at scale, on-prem and in both private and public clouds. The solution extends HyperStore’s simple-to-deploy and easy-to-manage, exabyte scalable, highly secure, multi-tenant storage to any application, while also reducing costs by 60% and more.

The integration supports Cloudian HyperStore with VMware Cloud Foundation™ and VMware Tanzu™, and combines industry-leading VMware HCI platform and Cloudian HyperStore into a single, shared-nothing data platform.

This allows IT operators to modernize their storage infrastructure, accelerate innovation and improve time-to-market with enhanced application portability. They will be able to quickly respond to developer needs and deploy modern, stateful applications easily, while developers will be able to dynamically scale associated resources as their applications scale.

vSAN object storage
Cloudian integrates with VMware vSAN Persistent Services platform, enabling new efficiencies and savings by allowing enterprises to run both modern, cloud-native and traditional applications in a single, S3-compatible shared storage environment, at any scale, on-prem and in both private and public clouds.


  • Enterprise-grade object storage software on proven vSphere platform
  • Single platform for all applications and data
  • Native S3-APIs with guaranteed compatibility
  • Scale-out modular design with centralized data management
  • Optimized data path with vSAN Direct configurations
  • Self-healing and data durability
  • Start small and expand without downtime
  • Military-grade security and regulatory compliance certification
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud ready
  • Shared storage for all applications with 60% savings
  • VMware certified for trouble-free integration
  • Flexible deployment options