Modernize Data Protection and Storage Economics with Pure Storage and Cloudian

The dramatic surge in the amount of enterprise data of all types is driving the need for a modern data management solution that provides cost-effective data backup and recovery while also leveraging the performance and economic benefits of on-prem flash and disk storage. For Pure Storage FlashArray™ environments, Cloudian HyperStore® and Purity CloudSnap seamlessly integrate as an enterprise solution that eliminates the complexities and inefficiencies of legacy data protection. The solution also enables the automated and cost-effective movement of any dataset between FlashArray and Cloudian HyperStore supporting the need for limitlessly scalable extended capacity with multiple use cases including multi-year retention, at scale. As an option, the solution also enables integration with one or more public clouds.

Figure 1: Cloudian HyperStore seamlessly integrates with Purity CloudSnap as an intelligent, on-prem backup, archive, and DR storage target protecting any FlashArray dataset. HyperStore also provides cost-effective extended capacity for less frequently accessed and other data.


Cloudian HyperStore — the Capacity Data Tier for FlashArray Environments

Cloudian HyperStore is scale-out, enterprise object storage that provides Pure FlashArray users with cost-effective capacity for backup, archive and disaster recovery via Purity CloudSnap. It also serves needs for limitlessly scalable extended capacity in one or more locations.

Available as an appliance or as software, Cloudian HyperStore seamlessly integrates with Pure FlashArray, and provides flexible, fine-grained policy-based storage management and data durability options to meet data protection requirements. As a local data store, FlashArray users can leverage HyperStore to ensure service levels and RTO / RPO objectives are met. HyperStore is designed for simplicity and unmatched durability for easy day-to-day operations.

Purity CloudSnap from Pure Storage

Purity CloudSnap eliminates the complexities and challenges of typical data protection solutions by making it simple for Pure FlashArray customers to leverage Cloudian HyperStore with its built-in functionality in FlashArray and at no additional cost or licenses.

CloudSnap seamlessly connects with HyperStore as a backup, archive and DR storage target via S3. CloudSnap provides policy-based, intelligent and efficient data transfer, moving portable snapshots to and from HyperStore for effortless, efficient, and affordable data protection. CloudSnap portable snapshots preserve storage efficiencies gained through dedupe and compression and only send delta changes between snaps, where versions of snaps might be flowing frequently. Encapsulation of metadata as part of snapshots facilitates rapid recovery on-premises from HyperStore enabling customers to meet demanding SLAs and compliance needs.

Solution Overview

In a world of constant data flow, legacy disk-to-disk-to-tape architectures, in which your backup data goes from primary disk to an on-premises disk appliance, then replicates to an offsite disk appliance, and eventually to offsite tape, just don’t cut it. Instead, a modern backup strategy leverages flash-to-object — in which data goes from primary flash to a scale-out, high performant object store, and then to cloud object storage – to enable the scale and use cases of today’s workloads.

Cloudian and Pure Storage have partnered to simplify how organizations protect their data. The combination of Pure’s proven enterprise-class storage running Purity with Cloudian’s infinitely scalable, secure, low-cost HyperStore object storage platform, offers customers a proven enterprise-grade on-prem infrastructure solution to meet the demanding storage needs of applications in a cost-effective manner. The integrated Cloudian and Pure storage solution, allows customers to take advantage and benefit from purpose build architecture that offers performance and limitless capacity scale. Customers can now meet their workload demands and data protection needs including disaster recovery (DR), test & development, in a cost-efficient manner while maintaining full control of their data, ensuring data sovereignty and avoiding lock-ins.

Solution Benefits

Perfect Blend of High-Performance and Scalable Capacity

  • Improve Quality of Experience — Pure’s purpose-built architecture delivers high performance while Cloudian provides an infinitely scalable, multi-tenant storage repository for backup, DR and test/dev.
  • Meet RPO/RTO requirements — With Pure’s portable snapshots and Cloudian’s ability to replicate and make data available at a remote site, customers can quickly restore and recover data to meet their DR objectives.

Data Efficiency and Security

  • Seamless Data Mobility — Easily migrate, back-up, and replicate data between sites with Pure CloudSnap and Cloudian’s granular bucket level policies while maintaining efficiency gained through dedupe and compression.
  • Data Sovereignty and Compliance — Deploy advanced compliance features such as WORM and data at rest encryption. Meet federal and government compliance requirements with FIPS 140-2 certification.

Meet Customers’ Dynamic Business Needs

  • Eliminate Lock-In — Key strategic partnerships with Cisco, VMware, and data protection vendors allow customers to leverage best-of-breed technology offering ultimate freedom from proprietary full tack solutions.
  • Flexible OPEX consumption — Deploy your private cloud on-premises and on-demand. Pure’s Evergreen Storage Service and Cloudian’s Flexible consumption model offers an OPEX, pay-per-use model for storage-as-a-service. The offering delivers the peace of mind of an on-prem cloud with the elasticity and flexibility of public cloud.


Data Protection – Backup/Archive/DR
Data backup is no longer simply about storing data: it’s about flexible protection, fast restores — and above all, making your valuable data available as and when needed. As an on-prem, limitlessly scalable backup storage target, HyperStore is highly cost-effective and efficient. This can be especially valuable when data recoveries are multi-terabyte in size and performance needs preclude using Cloud located backup storage. The solution can help improve restore performance without impacting production environments.

Extended Capacity and Tiering
Add additional capacity non-disruptively to your FlashArray environments with HyperStore for cost-effective extended storage capacity for less frequently accessed data. Easily migrate data bi-directionally, enabling data portability and protection across your Pure FlashArrays.

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  • Need for more flexible backup & recovery options – and across multiple locations
  • Requirement for storage capacity at scale
  • Need for more operational efficiencies
  • Storage tiering to align workloads with targeted business SLAs
  • Offsite backup or DR adds significant cost and/or logistical issues
  • Need for unified control and visibility of data for all locations, including Cloud
  • Need cloud economics on-prem


  • Seamless integration with Pure FlashArray and Purity CloudSnap
  • Backup and archive storage
  • Extended capacity storage – infinitely scalable
  • Unified control and view of data across on-prem to cloud
  • Multi-cloud support, including automated tiering, e.g., as a disaster recovery site
  • Custom metadata search and analytics
  • Storage costs under $.01 per GB per month, including support


  • Consolidate and simplify apps to a single storage tier and integrate effortlessly
  • Real-time data for faster apps, better customer experiences, and higher productivity
  • On-demand and self-driving storage provides deep automation and data-as-a-service
  • Purity software-defined engine delivers comprehensive data services
  • Purity Protect offers portable snapshots for flexible backup and recovery
  • Multi-cloud with easy data portability, whether it’s on-prem or hybrid


  • Cisco
  • VMware