Write Data in the Right Place

Organizations are consuming and creating more data than ever before. Storing and managing large amounts of data that often run in the PBs, is an expensive proposition. This leads to organizations trading-off between data growth, cost and capacity. However, more than 60% of this data is typically cold and infrequently accessed. In order to handle the data deluge, storage architectures need to provide and manage different tiers based on frequency and performance of access, security needs, and cost considerations.

The issue then is deciding how, when and where to move the content from primary storage. Tiers typically include a combination of digital tapes, public cloud, and on-prem scale-out object storage. Digital tape offers the lowest-cost solution for long-term and offline storage, although it comes with the trade-off of data access latency. A public cloud archive can provide storage for content off-site, but regularly moving a large number of data assets to and from the cloud can be very time-consuming and retrieving and/or moving data from cloud-based storage is expensive. On-premise object storage is a newer option which overcomes some of the above challenges. It is an excellent alternative and/or complement to cloud and tape storages providing a resilient large-scale storage, with near-immediate access to data, at a very attractive lower cost when compared with primary storage.


The certified solution of Cloudian HyperStore working with Quantum StorNext appliances gives users a cost-effective option to expand their StorNext environment with an industry-leading object store that has the largest S3 API interoperability, enabling organizations to efficiently and economically meet their ever-growing data storage needs.

Quantum StorNext is a high-performance, multi-tier shared storage platform designed for large, data-intensive workloads. It is the industry’s fastest streaming file system and policy-driven data management software.

Employing policy-based tools, StorNext can automatically copy or move data to Cloudian HyperStore — with no scripts, programming, or manual processes. This automated data management capability gives users a single pool of high performance and high capacity accessible storage that comes with comprehensive data protection, on-the-fly scalability, and optimized primary storage utilization.

In addition, the solution of HyperStore with StorNext is also capable of writing data further to and from tape backups or tier to public cloud-based storage using industry standard S3 APIs. This allows users to choose the right storage tier to optimize performance, access, and scalability while maximizing ROI.

Overall, with Cloudian HyperStore, StorNext users have a new option to expand their storage environment and meet the growing data needs of their business in a cost-effective manner.