Managed Services Provider Systemec Deploys Cloudian Storage for Backup Scalability

For a managed service provider, nothing is more important than protecting its customers’ data. However, doing so in a cost-effective way can be challenging as data volumes grow. When Systemec, an MSP in the Netherlands, realized it needed a more scalable backup foundation, it deployed a Cloudian storage solution. The solution, which integrates file and object storage, enables Systemec to back up data from multiple applications while avoiding the scheduling problems it previously faced.

Data Growth Threatens to Overwhelm Backup Windows

Systemec runs two data centers in the Netherlands and one in Germany under a unique cross-border strategy. The company, which specializes in healthcare and logistics, has more than 500 customers, and the amount of data it manages is rapidly increasing.

“This growth raised concerns about accommodating the future data volume,” says Marco Teelen, Internet Services Manager at Systemec. “As a result, we decided to expand our secondary storage.”

Looking for a More Scalable and Flexible Solution

Systemec was using a mix of storage solutions that included HPE Nimble Storage, QNAP NAS, and Acronis backup software in both its own data centers and at customer sites. Therefore, the company wanted a solution that could not only scale but also be easily integrated into this environment.

“We looked at some alternatives but quickly reached the conclusion that Cloudian was the right solution for addressing our needs,” says Wouter Simons, Systems Engineer at Systemec.

Systemec started with approximately 100 TB of Cloudian HyperStore object storage distributed across three data centers. To support file service requirements from the same system, the firm also employed Cloudian’s HyperFile NAS Controller.

A Strong Storage Foundation for the Future

Since installing the new solution last year, Teelen has been pleased with the benefits it has provided. “We no longer have to worry about whether we’ll be able to meet our backup windows,” he reports. “Moreover, we now have a limitlessly scalable storage foundation that also will enable us to deliver new services to our customers.”

As an example, Teelen says that Systemec is now looking at selling services to customers that could capitalize on Cloudian’s full S3 compatibility, such as those using Veeam data protection (Veeam recently added support for the S3 protocol in the latest version of its backup and replication software).

systemec data centers logo


Managed Services


Needed a more scalable backup foundation


  • 100 TB of Cloudian HyperStore distributed across three data centers
  • Cloudian HyperFile software for file connectivity


  • Limitless scalability for seamless expansion
  • Integrated support for file- and object-based data
  • Ease of integration within existing storage environment
  • Full S3 compatibility, enabling cloud-native services

“We no longer have to worry about whether or not we’ll be able to meet our backup windows, and we have a limitlessly scalable storage foundation for the future.”

Marco Teleen
Internet Services Manager