Simplify and Scale Your File Governance and Sync/Share

Improve secure collaboration, sharing, and file access with a flexible, feature-rich, enterprise-grade data management solution – including scale-out storage across all locations.

Better Control Over Your Files — Wherever You Need It

The exponential growth of unstructured data has created new challenges for enterprises and service providers alike. At the same time, they also seeking increased infrastructure agility and cost savings while providing improved security, compliance, and flexibility for managing file storage, access, and sharing. To address these issues, Cloudian® and SME have partnered to create a solution that combines SME Enterprise File Fabric with Cloudian HyperStore®.

This best-in-class enterprise solution provides a browser-based view of an organization’s unstructured data, on-premises filers, and object storage, both on-premises as well as in public cloud services. This ‘single pane of glass’ data index enables users to securely store, access, and share files from any computer or device, all within a highly secure role-based access control framework that does not sacrifice end-user productivity – and all integrated with your existing auth system(s). This joint solution provides new levels of economic efficiencies, improved performance and service levels, as well as comprehensive, policy-based control over all file data, independent of location.

Cloudian/Storage Made Easy (SME) Solution

SME diagram

Store Made Easy (SME) – Enterprise File Fabric

SME Enterprise File Fabric is a file governance and sync/share solution that provides data control while enabling users to securely store, access, and share files from any computer or device. File Fabric supports secure file sharing and collaboration while also ensuring governance and audit controls for compliance regimes such as GDPR.

Key Features

Collaboration: Use folders, virtual workspaces, and file commenting

Policy-based governance: Establish passwords and permissions to access files, determine if/when a file link expires, and determine the number of times a file can be accessed

Audit watch: Receive real-time alerts of any file activity

Accelerated file transfer performance: “M-Stream” multi-threaded, parallel data stream accelerates large file downloads, uploads, and tiering

File archive: Back up infrequently accessed files to Cloudian storage for added data protection

Geo-location recording: Capture timing as well as source and endpoint locations of file transfer

File locking, versioning, and comments: Prevent inadvertent data loss and provide enhanced collaboration

Rich media functionality: Gallery View for image files and Video Proxy Generation for previewing video content

Remote working: Microsoft Teams and Slack integration provides real-time File Fabric viewing for distributed teams

Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian’s HyperStore petabyte-scale object storage platform provides an elegant, cost-effective, on-premise solution for SME Enterprise File Fabric. Designed to provide large, secure, highly resilient, and flexible storage infrastructure at a low cost, HyperStore seamlessly stores, moves and protects files across locations.

Cloudian clusters upgrade non-disruptively with newer, higher capacity nodes, eliminating costly overprovisioning. HyperStore’s automatic data verification and self-healing functions provide reliability and resilience against hardware failures, while its data encryption, both in-flight and at rest, safeguard valuable assets against threats of deletion or theft via malware. Policy-driven data replication between sites means files are always backed up and automatically available where needed, without manual processes.


  • Granular control of data governance and security
  • Reduce the risk of data loss while improving regulatory compliance and enforcement through policies, audit, and discovery
  • Improve visibility of user data access
  • Reduce storage infrastructure and operating costs by replacing legacy end-user file storage
  • Accelerate performance by a factor of 10X with M-Stream’s multi-threaded uploads/downloads/transfers
  • Start small and easily expand with cost-efficient, non-disruptive linear node-to-node scaling options to suit needs — up to hundreds of petabytes
  • Single namespace across locations eliminates management workload and complexity through a unified view of data
  • Private drop box provides convenience while ensuring security and corporate governance
  • Support future growth needs with flexible deployment and configuration options

Storage Made Easy

Storage Made Easy (SME) provides an enterprise file share and sync “fabric”, with policy-based controls for governance, audit and security. SME provides applications, support, training, and professional services.