Boost Revenue with S3-compatible Object Storage

S3-compatible storage services are now in demand. New revenue opportunities include Storage-as-a-Service, DR, Backup-as-a-Service, and more.

How do you pick an S3-compatible storage platform to ensure success?

In this on-demand webcast, ThinkOn will discuss their journey to a successful S3-compatible storage service; a service that has DOUBLED in revenue over the last year.

  • Expand revenue opportunities with S3-compatible storage
  • Accelerate growth of your customer base and verticals
  • Automatic provisioning with ThinkOn and Cloudian
  • Deeper dive into the Cloudian S3-storage service platform


Sanjay Jagad, Sr Director of Products & Solutions, Cloudian

Doug Henderson, Sales Manager, ThinkOn

ThinkOn is a leading North American wholesale service provider working with 65+ channel partners.

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