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Cloud services are rapidly changing the STaaS landscape. Enterprises demand scalability, security, redundancy, and multi-tenancy. SMBs and individuals need the ability to start small, and pay as they grow. Service vendors looking to enter this market need cost-effective solutions with limitless scalability, simple management, and built-in data protection. Cloudian addresses all of these needs with the industry’s simplest solution for petabyte-scalable storage.

Your customers will love the 100% native S3 API

Cloudian HyperStore software deployed on your commodity server infrastructure lets you get up and running quickly as an S3 object storage provider. Cloudian HyperStore employs a 100% native S3 API, the defacto standard for object cloud storage, so it offers the broadest possible interoperability with your customer’s S3-enabled applications.

Cloudian employs a shared-nothing, peer-to-peer architecture, so adding capacity is simple and non-disruptive. Performance scales linearly with added nodes, and failure domains are limited to a single node.

Choose from data protection options and configure specific users accounts for the data durability they choose, including the ability to lose a node or even an entire site without data loss or service disruption. Secure multi-tenancy is built-in and enforced with robust QoS tools. Self-service provisioning is made simple through an end user GUI, while policy generation and billing are automated based on administrator settings.

Proven at storage service providers worldwide, Cloudian combines elegant architecture, efficiency, automation, and smart features to reduce TCO and boost your bottom line.


  • 100% native S3 interface, guaranteed interoperable with S3-enabled applications
  • Start small and grow without limits
  • Shared-nothing architecture for linear performance growth
  • Data protection configurable at the per-user level
  • Runs on commodity X86 hardware

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