Save on Storage Costs by Freeing up Tier 1 Capacity

DataFrameworks ClarityNow! and Cloudian together give you new flexibility to save cost on Tier 1 storage. Too often, data sits on expensive Tier 1 storage indefinitely, consuming space and forcing increased spending to accommodate expanding capacity requirements.

With ClarityNow! and Cloudian you can identify pools of redundant or dormant data and move them to cost-effective Cloudian storage, thus freeing up expensive capacity and deferring Tier 1 storage purchases. When the data is again needed, it can be restored to Tier 1 storage by ClarityNow!, or it can be directly accessed from Cloudian.

ClarityNow! is an enterprise-class file management tool that performs three functions. First, it provides a unified view of all data across all storage types. Second, it provides advanced search that lets you find specific information and learn exactly where it resides. Third, it lets you migrate specific information to Cloudian storage for long-term retention and restore that information when required.

Identify redundant or dormant data on Tier 1 storage, then free up expensive capacity by migrating that information to Cloudian. View your entire storage environment via single pane of glass management. Restore information on-demand.

Key benefits of the combined solution include:

  • Multi-dimensional tagging and instant rollups expose redundant and dormant data, leaving only profitable files on Tier 1 storage
  • Transparent data movement to Cloudian, for 70% cost per GB savings on migrated data
  • Instantaneous search of data across entire storage infrastructure to locate information for archiving or restoration
  • Workflow integration allows safe, auditable data movement (archive, retrieve, delete)

Intelligent Data Management

Capture the value of your data and manage information across multiple silos with integrated search and business intelligence tools.

  • Provide a unified view of all data across conventional storage and Cloudian.
  • Group data for a specific project, product, job, or business purpose. When the project is done, migrate the data to Cloudian and free up capacity.
  • Tag specific information for retention on a particular storage tier.
  • Provide high speed search across data silos to instantly locate any asset.
  • Report cost information across all file systems, projects, clients, archive, etc.

Cloudian Storage Integration

Within ClarityNow!, a native S3 scanner enables the ability to browse and manage Cloudian storage like any other file system repository with a single pane of glass file browser. Browse and manage files across NFS, CIFS, and Cloudian S3-based storage from a single screen.

Migration to Cloudian Storage

The ClarityNow data mover supports all standard, non-proprietary formats, including SAN and NAS. Files may be either CIFS, NFS, or SAN. Multiple data movers can act in parallel, thus eliminating potential performance bottlenecks. Files moved to Cloudian storage can be restored to Tier 1 storage via the data movers, or can be directly retrieved from Cloudian, if needed.


Solution Benefits

  • Identify redundant or dormant data
  • Migrate data to Cloudian and save 70% on storage
  • Quickly reclaim capacity on Tier 1 storage
  • Retrieve data from Cloudian on-demand
  • Compatible with both NAS and SAN storage
  • Works with CIFS, NFS, and SAN files
  • No agents required

The Value and Opportunity of Archiving Based on Multi-Dimensional Tagging

Traditional solutions in this space simply focus on classifying data based on time attributes: last access or modification.

ClarityNow’s multi-dimensional tagging functionality allows users to correlate time attributes with more specific business events, projects, user groups, and applications to significantly increase the relevance of the reporting and analytics.

This ability to harvest data based on correlations with business systems and triggers dramatically increase the volume of data to archive and therefore significantly increase the cost reduction opportunity for customers.