Cloudian Hyperstore and AWS Local Zones for Healthcare Data

Cloudian Hyperstore and AWS Local Zones for Healthcare Data

Cloudian Hyperstore and AWS Local Zones for Healthcare

For medical imaging workloads and storing patient records

Imaging systems in medical institutions generate over 600 million high-resolution images per year in the USA alone. As medical imaging becomes almost exclusively digital, repositories are becoming a huge burden for medical institutes. These repositories also present a tremendous opportunity to improve medical workflows, by enabling information sharing between institutions, departments, and caretakers, and allowing new types of analysis that can advance healthcare services.

To store patient information, healthcare organizations must adhere to stringent data protection regulations, as governed by HIPAA. These regulations, which include data residency restrictions in many cases, often mean that while healthcare organizations want to be cloud-centric, they need a hybrid and/or local cloud strategy that meets their data protection and residency requirements.

AWS Local Zones offers compute, storage, database, and other select AWS services, delivered from facilities that are close to large population and industry centers, bringing the cloud closer to where the clinic or hospital resides. Cloudian HyperStore software delivers S3-compatible storage as part of AWS Local Zones, which enhances the solution by satisfying the in-region data residency needs.

Cloudian HyperStore, running on the infrastructure in the AWS Local Zones, provides local S3-compatible storage that integrates easily with applications that employ the AWS S3 protocol. You get fast deployment and the capacity you need for storing data-intensive medical imaging, IoT data collection and storing patient records.

Cloud-Like Storage for the AWS Local Zones

Cloudian gives you storage capacity within AWS Local Zones, on demand, and allows you to comply with data residency regulations. To expand, you simply add Cloudian software instances within the AWS Local Zones infrastructure. Cloudian software can also be run on servers which are located adjacent to the AWS Local Zones. Either way, Cloudian can be deployed at one site or across multiple sites, with all data managed within a single namespace, from a single management console. Search metadata across all your sites with a single query. Integrated tools even let you even create a data copy within AWS S3 in the central region if desired.

Meet Your Regulatory and Latency Needs

With Cloudian, your data stays in-region, enabling compliance with HIPPA regulation. Ideal for regulated or sensitive data in healthcare information, Cloudian lets you meet your data residency needs. When running adjacent to the AWS Local Zones infrastructure, Cloudian’s all-flash or HDD-based appliances deliver the fast, low-latency data access your applications require.

Healthcare Application Ready

Cloudian HyperStore, running within or adjacent to AWS Local Zones, works with a host of healthcare application including PACS and VNAs. This allows healthcare customers to meet all regulatory requirements for creating and managing a scalable repository of unstructured medical data, including sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI).

Exceptional Data Security – HIPAA Ready

Extensive security features make it possible to deploy and operate the solution in a cost-effective manner, while adhering to HIPAA standards.

Cloudian HyperStore is certified compliant with SEC Rule 17a-4(f), FINRA Rule 4511, and CFTC Rule 1.31(c)-(d). Available S3 Object Lock with root disable capability provides system level data immutability for compliance, governance, legal hold, or protection from ransomware. Other security capabilities include AES-256 server-side encryption for data at rest, SSL for data in transit (HTTPS), transparent key management, rolebased access controls (RBAC), audit trail logging, and secure shell with root disable.

Built-In Data Durability

When running adjacent to AWS Local Zones, Cloudian appliance offer advanced erasure coding and policy-based data replication to give you the data robustness you need. Running on AWS Local Zones infrastructure, the data is protected using software RAID, with replication into the region for high data durability. Because data protection is integrated, there is no additional software or added management tasks.

Easy to Deploy

A modular architecture lets you start small and grow to exabytes without interruption. Choose Cloudian appliances for plug-and-play installation. Or deploy Cloudian softwaredefined-storage on the AWS Local Zones infrastructure to get a fully contained offering. Either way, Cloudian HyperStore is designed to work seamlessly for all S3-compatible workloads.


Easy To Manage

The Cloudian HyperIQ observability and analytics platform lets you monitor user behavior, system health, and network performance cluster-wide. Proactively identify trouble spots, and monitor data access for compliance, all from a single screen.

Shared Storage Environment with Billing and Multi-Tenancy

Advanced identity and access management features allow system administrators to provision and manage groups and users, define specific classes of service, and configure billing and charge-back policies. This enables a fully multi-tenant deployment with Cloudian supporting multiple groups across the organization.


  • S3-compatible storage for AWS Local Zones
  • Start small and grow to exabytes
  • Available to run on the AWS Local Zones infrastructure or directly connected cluster running in the customer co-location
  • Military-grade security and compliance certifications
  • Data immutability with S3 Object Lock
  • 70% lower TCO than traditional SAN and NAS storage


  • Addresses data residency regulations
  • Delivers low latency processing and capacity-on-demand for storage for your most data-intensive use cases like PACS and VNA
  • HIPAA Ready: Military-grade security and compliance certifications
  • Data immutability with S3 Object Lock
  • Easy, scalable hybrid cloud
    • Proven interoperable with applications that support Amazon S3
    • Machine Learning inference at the edge

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White-Glove Support

Choose from global support programs that include hardware and software support and professional services. Monthly
health checks with Cloudian Support Engineers monitor your system’s status and provide you with updates on best practices. Cloudian Support teams around the globe are available to meet your needs.

Industry’s Lowest TCO

Built for storage efficiency, Cloudian systems save up to 70% when compared with to traditional enterprise storage. Choose HDD-based platforms to run besides the AWS Local Zones for the industry’s lowest TCO. Or select Cloudian’s all-flash appliance for 3X better price/performance than competing flash-based systems.

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