Intelligent Scalable Storage for Acuo by Hyland Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

Collaborative Healthcare Business Challenges

Collaborative healthcare depends on the real-time delivery of patient data. The challenge is that records originate from many systems, with many different record types. If they can not be easily located or viewed, they can not inform clinical decision making or contribute to best-practice outcomes.

In the typical records system, multiple platforms employ a variety of proprietary formats, which results in information silos: records are locked in isolated archives, making interoperability and information sharing a challenge.

A vendor neutral archive (VNA) is a foundational component to realize the vision of hospital system integration and image-enabled electronic health records (EHR). A VNA provides a common interface that allows multiple healthcare information platforms to access a shared storage environment.

This common interface provides multiple benefits. First, it enables integration with the many clinical applications required by medical staff, allowing them to make more informed care decisions based on the complete picture of a patient’s condition to help improve patient outcomes.

Next, it allows organizations to use solutions from multiple vendors, providing equipment sourcing flexibility and cost control.

Finally, the shared storage pool also consolidates management to a simpler storage environment where data can be more effectively managed and protected with a reduced IT workload.

Solution Overview

Cloudian and Hyland Healthcare are collaborating to deliver these benefits by combining Cloudian HyperStore with the Acuo by Hyland VNA. Cloudian HyperStore provides highly durable, limitlessly scalable enterprise storage. Acuo employs this shared storage platform to consolidate imaging information from across the healthcare organization to a single storage pool.

The combined solution enables and promotes image exchange and collaboration both inside and outside the enterprise by enabling access to a standardized image repository.

Store content from all departments in a limitlessly scalable storage repository and image-enable your EHR to give clinicians access to complete patient information.

Cross-enterprise Image Storage

The VNA solution enables a cost-efficient medical image storage layer that lets healthcare organizations share information between PACS and other systems. It supports both federated and centralized access models. With this intelligence, the Acuo VNA and Cloudian HyperStore solution promotes the consistent storage, viewing and management of all healthcare content and medical images, assuring that clinical staff enjoys real-time access to a more complete view of the patient from anywhere and at any time.

Promote Security and Disaster Recovery

The combined solution also enhances security and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities by consolidating information management. When images are stored in repositories scattered across the organization, security risks multiply. DR management also becomes much more challenging as each silo introduces its own management burdens. The Acuo VNA and HyperStore solution delivers centralized control, making it easy to apply universal security and DR protocols.


Cloudian HyperStore provides clinical staff with a proven storage platform that delivers multi-petabyte scalability and uncompromising data durability at 1/3 the cost of traditional enterprise storage. Users of the Acuo by Hyland can meet the growing clinical staff demand for rapid access to records with scalable and secure storage services that increase the speed of clinical diagnosis process and improve patient outcomes.

Hyland Healthcare delivers a suite of content and image management solutions to address the clinical, financial, and operational needs of healthcare organizations around the world.


  • Standards-based enterprise access to medical images, photos and documents regardless of viewing application
  • Independence from proprietary archives; streamlined clinical workflows
  • Consolidated records simplify access and data management
  • Management and sharing of medical images across the enterprise and beyond
  • Allows healthcare providers to assemble a comprehensive image-enabled patient record quickly and easily
  • Exceptional data durability ensures long-term data protection with multiple levels of redundancy
  • Flexible storage infrastructure options: Deploy as a pre-configured appliance or as software on industry-standard servers
  • Limitless scalability accommodates future expansion without disruption
  • Supports business continuity and disaster recovery strategies while providing a platform for clinical content integration, interoperability and exchange
  • Cost-effective storage — 1/3 the cost of proprietary systems

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