Simplify and Scale Your Media Asset Management Storage and Archive

Improve workflow and management at scale with a flexible, feature-rich solution

Increasing volumes of content, the need to handle new formats and higher resolutions (4K, 8K, HDR & VR), and the growing need for quick access from geo-dispersed locations are creating new operational challenges for broadcasters, media and enterprise companies. They are resulting in escalating costs as well as new management and technical complexities, particularly for scaling associated storage capacity, infrastructure, and systems.

Cloudian Hyperstore and Empress eMAM seamlessly integrate as a best-in-class media asset management solution that lets you locate, manage and share content across multiple locations.

Cloudian and Empress are delivering new levels of technical and cost efficiencies for your media workflow environment: with an end-to-end platform that flexibly scales storage and archive capacities from terabytes to hundreds of petabytes with a single namespace and view of content across all locations serving workflow needs.

Highly available with strong encryption for security, this joint solution is simple to deploy, expand, and manage to meet your collaboration and workflow objectives — now and into the future.

eMAM and Cloudian media asset management

Empress Media Asset Management (eMAM)

eMAM combines media management and digital publishing with production asset management. It seamlessly brings together technical and non-technical users to manage the entire life cycle of a media asset within a single system. Producers, editors, customers, marketers, broadcasters, and customers can all access the appropriate content from an interface that best meets their needs, permissions, and technical skills.

Empress eMAM Key Features

Organize all media assets into multi-level projects and categories. Keep folder structures for P2, S x S, and XDCAM content.

Perform federated search through all storage locations with web-based proxy previews.

Media Asset Management
From any connected device, content can be archived or transcoded, packaged, and delivered to any location.

Share comments, mark up individual frames, and subclip from anywhere.

Send proxy copies anywhere quickly for instant feedback from any computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian’s HyperStore petabyte-scale object storage platform provides an elegant, cost-effective, on-premises solution for media asset storage and archive capacity growth.

Designed to meet the need for large, secure, highly resilient and flexible storage infrastructure at a low cost, HyperStore seamlessly stores, moves, and protects media assets across locations, including the public cloud.

Cloudian clusters upgrade non-disruptively with newer, higher capacity nodes, eliminating costly overprovisioning. HyperStore’s automatic data verification and self-healing functions provide reliability and resilience against hardware failures, while its data encryption, both in-flight and at rest, safeguard valuable assets against threats of deletion or theft via malware. Policy driven data replication between sites means media assets are always backed up and automatically available wherever and whenever they are needed, without manual processes.

Cloudian HyperStore Key Features

Cloud Economics
Cloudian HyperStore delivers cost efficiencies to drive down storage costs to under 1 cent per GB per month

Unified Management
With a single global namespace across all media asset files, HyperStore provides a unified view of content across all storage and archive locations.

Flexible Deployment Options
Start with just three nodes and infinitely expand capacity with additional nodes and locations, as needed.

Policy-based Protection
HyperStore provides granular policies and encryption to set and achieve enterprise-grade data protection.

  • Support future growth needs with flexible deployment and configuration options
  • Start small and easily expand solution with cost-efficient, non-disruptive linear node-to-node scaling options to suit needs — up to hundreds of petabytes
  • A single namespace across locations eliminates management workload and complexity through a unified view of data
  • Industry standard S3 storage protocol eliminates expensive tape library middleware
  • Strong security encryption to protect the most sensitive media assets
  • API integrations with best-in-breed technology partners allow streamlined, automated processes
  • Supports collaborative editing, sharing through social media and email, review/approval, publishing, and digital delivery
  • Cloudian and Empress provide support options with dedicated teams worldwide

With a series of best-in-breed technology integrations, eMAM provides complete worklflow solutions for customers in broadcast, media, corporate, government, and eduction. eMAM has offices in New York, California, and India with system integrator resellers worldwide.