Accelerate File Transfers with FileCatalyst and Cloudian

Accelerate file transfers either to or from Cloudian object storage with FileCatalyst Direct. File Catalyst Direct is a suite of server and client applications that accelerate point-to-point file transfers at speeds of up to 10Gbps. This is done by utilizing a patented UDP-based file transfer technology that overcomes the issues of slow file transfers caused by network impairments such as latency and packet loss.

There are many options available for users transferring their files to S3 such as S3 clients and web interfaces. These clients use HTTP to transfer files across the WAN. This approach can create slow transfers over high bandwidth connections, or anywhere latency is present. These clients cache files locally, and then copy them to the S3 cloud in the background. This gives the illusion of speed, but files aren’t immediately accessible in S3 storage.

FileCatalyst overcomes these limitations with technology that streams data directly to the cloud storage instead of caching that data locally.

10Gbps DISTANCE FTP FileCatalyst
LA to New York 2,448 mi / 3,939 km 2 hrs 19 mins 8.4 secs
LA to Rio de Janeiro 6,295 mi /10,130 km 3 hrs 27 mins 8.4 secs
London to Sydney 10,671 mi / 17,012 km 5 hrs 50 mins 8.4 secs

FileCatalyst accelerates file transfers to mere seconds so you can store and access data from geographically-distributed Cloudian appliances to dramatically increase collaboration efficiency.

Secure and Reliable

FileCatalyst employs military grade encryption, as well as advanced reliability features such as automatic retry, checkpoint restart, and file integrity checks. With perfect rate control and advanced congestion control capabilities, FileCatalyst will not interfere with any of your other crucial business applications.

One-to-Many Distribution

FileCatalyst gives you have the ability to distribute content from a central site to multiple locations around the globe.


Solution Benefits

  • 1,000 times faster than FTP
  • 10Gbps or more transfer speeds
  • Easy integration into media workflows

FileCatalyst utilizes a patented UDP-based file transfer technology that overcomes the limitations of network impairments like latency and packet loss by streaming data directly to Cloudian S3 storage instead of caching that data locally.