On-Premises Performance with Petabyte-scale Active Archive

The Primestream Xchange and Cloudian object storage joint solution delivers fast, cost-effective active archive storage and seamless cross-site collaboration. Get the performance of on-premises disk-based storage in an active archive scalable to petabytes. And share content across locations with integrated replication, all at a cost comparable to public cloud storage.

For Xchange, Cloudian provides an on-site active archive storage environment that lets you quickly store and retrieve assets. Compared with other storage types, Cloudian storage provides fast, disk-based storage at costs down to ½ cent per GB per month.

Cloudian integrates seamlessly, using connectors native within the Xchange platform. Start with a terabyte-scale active archive and grow to petabytes without disruption as your requirements grow.

With Primestream Xchange, users can access the platform from any location, letting them move assets to or from the Cloudian active archve, initiate transcoding, and transfer files.


Enables Collaboration and Data Protection

Collaborate across sites by expanding the Cloudian deployment to multiple locations. Each site has access to local data, ensuring fast performance and multi-site data protection.

Access Media from Anywhere

With Primestream Xchange, users can access the platform from any location, letting them move assets to or from the Cloudian active archive, initiate transcoding, and transfer files.

VR/360 Asset Management

Integrate workflow from capture, production, and management through to delivery of all types of assets. Xchange enables Virtual Reality/360 workflows, 4K, and more. Cloudian delivers the scalable and cost effective archive needed to keep capacity-intensive assets close at hand.

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Primestream Xchange Key Benefits

  • VR/360 asset management support
  • Access all media from anywhere
  • Manage media on any hardware or software platform
  • Monitor, measure, and report using a visual web-based interface
  • Customizable workflows permit both broadcast and non-broadcast facilities to manage and control media

Cloudian Key Benefits

  • Disk-based storage for cost of tape and public cloud
  • Costs down to ½ cent per GB/month
  • No access charges
  • Cross-site replication for collaboration
  • Scales seamlessly from TBs to PBs