Media-aware Shared Storage for Collaborative Workflows with Telestream

Best in breed media ingest, processing, and QC with scalable, distributed, economical storage

In recent years the media and entertainment landscape has seen an explosion of new distribution outlets. Web portals and OTT channels are grabbing an ever-increasing share of attention and advertising revenue from linear broadcast and theatrical releases. At the same time, the number and types of media sources and formats that need to be ingested, managed, processed, transformed and stored have also grown exponentially, leaving media production facilities overwhelmed.

To enable businesses to flexibly respond to the rapidly evolving media market in a precise and cost-constrained way, media organizations need to:

  • Modernize their content supply chain
  • Replace static workflows with responsive media aware infrastructure
  • Eliminate data silos across production through to audience distribution lifecycle
  • Incorporate agile deployment models to implement intelligent self-optimizing workflow

Re-thinking Next Generation Content Factories

To address these challenges, Telestream and Cloudian have entered into a partnership to fully rethink how next-generation content factories operate. Our sophisticated technologies deliver the most powerful media-aware storage and content processing platform in the market to enable collaborative workflows and provide unprecedented performance, scale and value across the media lifecycle.

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The foundation of this Media Aware Storage solution is Cloudian’s scalable object storage platform — HyperStore — and the Telestream Vantage Media Processing Platform. Built upon the web-scale capabilities of the Cassandra database, HyperStore provides a 100% native implementation of the AWS S3 API across a single global namespace.

HyperStore’s geo-distributed node clusters connect remote sites to central facilities across WAN distances which is not possible with traditional SAN and NAS functionality. Its native S3 object format means that workflows can seamlessly transition between on-prem and public cloud infrastructures. Vantage intelligently orchestrates media workflow services and completely eliminates the divide between on-premises and cloud infrastructures while maximizing performance, scale and cost efficiencies.

Meeting Interoperability Challenges

Media asset ingest, transformation, migration, QC, validation, and distribution are all seamlessly orchestrated in a common framework. By supporting industry-standard interfaces and conversion between them, Vantage and Hyperstore can address interoperability challenges (Archive, Editing, Ingest, etc.) in a scalable and flexible architecture.

Any true measure of a media technology offering must assess how a solution performs at scale and load, and this is where the Telestream|Cloudian Media Aware Storage solution provides unique value. Because each storage node in a HyperStore cluster services S3 I/O behind a global load balancer, Vantage workflow actions never run into bottlenecks at the storage layer, even in an array of dozens of Vantage processing nodes.

The end result is a secure, resilient, globally-accessible content factory that eliminates the latency, complexity, and expense of managing a siloed media production resources, workflow designs, storage environments, and networking infrastructure.

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New Content Distribution Models
Multi-channel distribution including social media, on-demand distribution, OTT

More Screens and Formats
Phones, computers, tablets, game consoles

Greater Storage Requirements
4K, 360 degree, and 60 frame video require greater storage scalability

Dynamic Workflow
Changing workflow, technology and content management requirement

Across production through to distribution lifecycle

Globally Distributed Teams
Geo-distributed storage infrastructure to deal with new consumption models


  • Media Aware Shared Storage platform reduces costs and time to production
  • Repeatable, automated media workflow – reduce time and cost
  • Highly scalable storage at an economical cost. Start small and grow incrementally
  • Support for enhanced metadata tagging enabling search and analytics on data under storage
  • Collaboration across different teams with shared media storage that integrates with ingest, processing, QC, and distributions tools
  • Globally-accessible content factory with support for geographically distributed storage
  • Uncompromising data durability (14 9s) and integrated disaster recovery