Move Media Faster with Data Expedition and Cloudian

The cloud offers media organizations a useful option for data storage, archiving, and sharing between users across geographies. But the cloud can also impose performance penalties — bandwidth limitations can cause retrieval of data to take a long time, time that’s simply not available to most media production operations. It can also impose a significant cost penalty. And these limitations will only become more pronounced as higher bandwidth formats like 4K and 8K come into wider usage.

But there are ways to get around these issues. Data Expedition, Inc.® and Cloudian provide a one-two punch to make the cloud an important part of your media data infrastructure. Cloudian HyperStore 7 provides a multi-cloud controller, allowing you to use on-premises and multiple cloud providers as a limitlessly scalable single storage pool. Data Expedition, Inc. allows you to accelerate your workflow by making the most of your bandwidth. With CloudDat™, it doesn’t matter if your Cloudian object storage is distributed around town or around the globe. Using the world’s only pure UDP data transfer technology, CloudDat ensures you get 100% utilization of your network links regardless of distance.

Nothing happens in the cloud until your data gets there, and nothing in the cloud matters until you get your product back out. CloudDat accelerates file transfer to, from, and between Cloudian storage, cloud vendor storage, and your media workstations. Faster media transfer means more than just faster workflows: it means you can take advantage of production opportunities wherever they appear.

CloudDat automatically adapts to varying network conditions to make sure your data pipe stays filled. TCP technologies, like FTP and HTTP, cannot adapt to challenges like latency and congestion, filling only a fraction of the bandwidth you’ve paid for.


Simplicity, Value, Security

CloudDat is built on the patented Multipurpose Transaction Protocol®, the only intelligent data transport that automatically adapts to variable and stressed networks. Where other acceleration technologies require hours of setup at each point and constant maintenance, the MTP™/IP technology under CloudDat sets up in minutes and most users never need to touch it again.

End-to-end encryption, tamper protection, automatic retry, load-balancing and fail-over, and the simplest network setup in acceleration give you the features you need. Server-based licensing with unlimited client distribution and unlimited bandwidth give you pricing you can afford. You are paying for your network, why pay extra to get the most from it?


  • Full speed from private or public networks regardless of distance
  • Same price for any speed, even 10Gbps and beyond
  • Easy setup, low maintenance
File Size Path Speed Latency Time
1 TB 10 Gbps Up to 20,000ms 15 min
100 GB 1 Gbps Up to 20,000ms 15 min
20 GB 200 Mbps Up to 20,000ms 15 min

CloudDat automatically fills whatever size data path you give it, without forcing other traffic to a stop. Latency doesn’t matter because CloudDat can tolerate up to 20 seconds of round-trip time and up to 50% packet loss.