Exabyte Scale

Capacity-intensive workloads demand more from your storage. You need to store, find, and protect data at scale. Whether in media and entertainment, life sciences, big data, or video surveillance or in use cases such as data protection or archival storage, Cloudian HyperStore delivers a scalable storage environment that grows effortlessly from terabytes to exabytes. Embedded metadata makes it easy to search, too. Use easily-integrated search tools to find the data you need, fabric-wide.


cloudian scalable storage environment

modular storage

Modular Growth

Cloudian’s Hyperscale Architecture grows seamlessly. Whether at one site or across sites, Cloudian HyperStore nodes combine to form a data fabric. This shared storage pool can grow without limit simply by adding nodes. You get a single namespace that’s easy to manage, search and protect. Grow with pre-configured appliances, or deploy Cloudian software on the server of your choice. Either way, all nodes work together.

Scalable Performance

Cloudian eliminates performance bottlenecks that can limit growth and prevent you from reaching your goals. With a peer-to-peer architecture, Cloudian’s fabric-connected nodes work together. Any node can service a data request. Multi-part upload support lets you distribute large transfers across multiple nodes, increasing bandwidth. Don’t get locked in to a single controller architecture that can limit your growth. Cloudian lets you flexibly configure the bandwidth you need.

scalable performance

data replication and erasure coding

Integrated Data Protection

Protecting large data sets can be complex and costly. Cloudian automates data protection with built-in features that provide robust protection automatically, and with no added software cost. Choose from erasure coding, which stripes data across nodes, or policy-based data replication, which creates data copies at multiple sites. Either way, configure your preferred level of data durability — up to 14 nines and beyond – and go.

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Cloudian HyperStore lets you start small and grow to an exabyte, on-premises, simply by adding nodes. Leverage the proven interoperability of the industry’s most compatible S3 API, and the versatility of SMB and NFS file support.

Cloudian HyperStore offers capabilities that boost interoperability, data durability, and operational efficiency.

  • Erasure Coding
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Fully-compatible S3 API
  • Compression
  • QoS
  • Encryption

cloudian storage appliance