Conquer the challenge of video data management with the industry’s most scalable, easily managed and cost-effective media storage

Get fast, on-prem storage at less cost than tape

1. Infinite Scalability for Unstructured Data

Cloudian HyperStore is a scale-out object storage system designed to manage massive amounts of video and audio data, whether in HD video or new formats such as 4K, 360 degree, and 60 frame videos. Start small and scale to an exabyte – without interruption – at one location or across multiple sites. No matter the size, media is always maintained in a single, easily searchable system.

2. Secure

Secure your media with features that both control access and can make data unchangeable to preserve integrity. Features include:

  • Role-based access controls
  • AES-256 server-side encryption for data at rest
  • SSL for data in transit (HTTPS)
  • Audit trail logging for security compliance
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) to make media unchangeable

3. Analytics – Custom Metadata

For media search, Cloudian offers metadata tagging and easy integration of Google-like search. User-defined metadata lets you tag media with descriptions, operational information, or audio transcripts. Enrich metadata with online AI/ML tools for tasks such as license plate reading, facial recognition, and object recognition. Security personnel can easily search through large troves of videos looking for specific elements and/or patterns while carrying out tasks like forensic analysis or regulatory compliance.

4. Data Resiliency and Protection

Protect your media with configurations of up to 14 nines data durability. For disaster recovery, replicate data to another site using Cloudian’s built-in tools or replicate to the public cloud.

5. Simplify Video Surveillance Infrastructure

Store media in a single, limitlessly scalable pool within one site or spanning multiple sites. There’s no need to juggle which systems are active or passive or to create complex policies. Data is accessible wherever it is needed.

6. Performance – High-Speed Ingest

HyperStore is built on a multi-threaded architecture. File writes are efficiently parallelized, enabling high-speed data ingest. The system also delivers high performance for IO operations, providing fast file access. This allows Cloudian to be used as storage in all aspects of video surveillance, be it live recording database or active archive for long-term video storage and retrieval.

video surveillance object storage

7. Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud Ready

Cloud integration lets you cost-effectively manage on-prem and public cloud storage as a single pool or use the public cloud for disaster recovery. You can also automatically replicate media to the cloud of your choice and employ cloud-based AI/ML tools for
metadata enrichment and enhanced media searchability.

8. Drop-In Integration

Built on open standards, Cloudian HyperStore easily integrates with your existing cameras and VMS systems. It’s also proven with popular VMS and evidence management providers such as Milestone, Getac, WatchGuard and others.

9. Intuitive Management

An intuitive web-based GUI manages storage at one site or across multiple sites. Integration with ElasticSearch provides a Google-like media search experience.

10. The Highest Value in Media Storage

At less cost than tape, traditional disk or public cloud, Cloudian provides on-prem storage that combines fast media access, exabyte scalability, and bullet-proof data protection.