Reduce Splunk cost. Do more with Splunk.

Data storage is a big part of Splunk costs. Over 3 years, your storage costs could be double the cost of your Splunk licenses. Now you can reduce storage costs by 70% — and reduce overall costs by over 60% — with Splunk SmartStore and Cloudian.

How Splunk SmartStore and Cloudian work together

Cloudian is on-premises data storage. It’s simple, exabyte-scalable and proven compatible with Splunk.

Splunk SmartStore and Cloudian together let you decouple the compute and storage, so you can scale each as needed. Splunk Indexers retain data only in hot buckets that contain newly indexed data. Older data resides in the warm buckets in the on-prem Cloudian storage. You need fewer indexers and you get simpler, more efficient storage management.

Efficient and easy to manage

Unlike other types of Splunk storage (such as NAS or SAN), Cloudian offers modular growth, letting you expand from terabytes to an exabyte without disruption. Compared with traditional enterprise storage — or with storage on compute-intensive servers — Cloudian saves up to 70% on TCO. Cloudian saves on space, too, with the industry’s highest density: up to 1.5PB capacity in each 4U high chassis.

Cloud enabled

Cloudian is on-prem storage that can also integrate with public cloud storage services. Employ policy-based tools to replicate or tier data to AWS, GCP or Azure, ideal for offsite disaster recovery planning, capacity expansion or data analysis in the cloud. These built-in management features require no additional software or licenses.

Saves cost in 3 ways

SmartStore + Cloudian saves capital and operational costs in three ways.

  1. Fewer indexers: By shifting indexer capacity to Cloudian, it reduces the number of indexers needed.
  2. Lower infrastructure cost: Built on industry-standard servers, Cloudian reduces storage infrastructure cost by 70% vs SAN or NAS.
  3. Simplified management: Cloudian storage is managed as a single system regardless of capacity, so management stays simple as you grow.

Free TCO Report: Learn more about the cost savings

Download this report to see the full cost-savings picture. Highlights include:

  • 3-year TCO calculation shows 61% overall cost savings
  • Indexer infrastructure is reduced by almost 2/3
  • Storage infrastructure cost for retention data is reduced by 70%
  • Hybrid cloud compatibility makes public cloud integration simple

Access this free report to learn the details.


  • Independently scale compute and storage
  • On-prem data lake with exabyte scalability
  • Data location is managed by Splunk
  • Modular design for non-disruptive growth
  • 70% storage TCO savings
  • Public cloud compatible