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"Having an immutable copy of the backup is the most important item to start protecting backup data. 
 All other initiatives are complementary."
- Gartner
Ransomware protection. Fast data restore. Less cost than cloud.
Ransomware protection.
Fast data restore.
Less cost than cloud.

Learn why Cloudian is better for backup.

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New Kubernetes Support

Learn why Cloudian private cloud storage is perfect for Kubernetes

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S3-Compatible Object Storage

Solve your capacity and cost challenges with Cloudian® S3-compatible object and file storage. Exabyte-scalable and cloud-compatible, Cloudian software-defined storage and appliances make it easy for enterprises and service providers to deliver storage at one site, or across multiple sites with a modular architecture that’s easy to manage and grow.

cloudian architecture

The Perfect Backup Target

Compatible with all popular backup solutions and deployable as on-prem or in a hybrid cloud, Cloudian provides fast, future-proof S3 object storage for backup and archive data that locks out ransomware. Buy what you need now and scale up to an exabyte without disruption.

Cloudian is the chosen backup target for everyone from large multi-nationals to specialized service providers. We give you easy-to-use storage with military-grade security and award-winning analytics, all for up to 70% less cost than public cloud or purpose-built SAN and NAS appliances and 30% less cost than tape.

Observability and Analytics

Gain actionable insight. Cloudian HyperIQ™ provides real-time infrastructure monitoring and user behavior analytics. Track user data access to verify compliance and monitor service levels. Spot infrastructure issues before they become problems with configurable, real-time alerts. Customize HyperIQ to your environment over 100 available data panels.

hyperiq analytics

object lock certifications

Ransomware Protection and Data Security

Protect your data from ransomware with Cloudian Object Lock, a hardened solution for data immutability. HyperStore® is hardened by the use of HyperStore Shell (HSH) and RootDisable, securing the solution at the system level, even disabling root access to make the solution impregnable. Similar solutions typically have porous root access leaving system-level breaches possible. For other threats, Cloudian offers the industry’s most complete security certifications including FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria, and compliance certifications with SEC 17a-4, FINRA, CFTC, and more.

Kubernetes Support

Get API-driven storage that is DevOps-agile and production-ready. A lightweight Kubernetes Operator makes it self-service and easy to use. For production, Cloudian’s exabyte scalability and modular architecture deliver the capacity and performance you need. Cloudian ensures application portability, too, with the industry’s most compatible S3 API.

kubernetes support

storage costs

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Save over 60% compared to traditional enterprise storage or public cloud. Cloudian offers the industry’s most cost-effective, highest-density hardware platforms to save you space and cost. And with a simple modular design, you can start small and grow without disruption. Available as software-defined storage or pre-configured appliances, Cloudian delivers total costs – hardware, software, and support – to 0.5¢ per GB per month.

buyers guide

The Object Storage Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to know to put cloud storage technology and economics in your data center.

Read this eBook to learn about object storage, the next-gen storage class that puts cloud scale and cloud simplicity in your data center, behind your firewall.

Chapters include:

  • How Does Object Storage Work?
  • Technical Benefits
  • Financial Benefits
  • Object Storage and the Cloud
  • Use Cases


gartner customers choice 2021

Cloudian HyperStore named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice
for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage.

“Cloudian improved our archival workflows, fit into our tiered storage strategy seamlessly”
– Media Operations Manager in the Media Industry

“Exceptional, high-performance, resilient S3 architecture at a great price”
– Software Engineer in the Services Industry

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Customers’ Choice for Distributed File Systems & Object Storage

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