Cloudian is the first and to the best of my knowledge the only vendor in the market today that provides the unique ability of creating a single namespace over a public and private cloud providing a seamless experience to a customer. Unlike most cloud gateway solutions available today which merely act as temporary caching devices, Cloudian HyperStore is a true on premise private cloud with the ability to tier out to a public cloud if desired by a customer.

In its simplest form we enable our customers to define data policies based on the age or access pattern of objects within buckets. These policies are set, on a per bucket level, and can be set to tier off to any S3 API compliant public cloud like Amazon S3 or Glacier for example or any private S3 API compliant cloud like another Cloudian cluster. Data is encrypted and compressed before it is sent off to the target cloud ensuring data security at rest and best utilization of the networking resources.

When a customer wants to read any data which has been tiered off to a destination cloud, HyperStore software intelligently provides the most efficient way of delivering that data back to a customer by either streaming, redirecting or restoring an object back into the primary cluster.

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