Six months ago, at VMworld US in San Francisco, VMware introduced VMware Tanzu as a concept. Yesterday, VMware introduced Tanzu as a portfolio of products and services that are generally available. Cloudian is proud to be a part of that announcement with support for Velero, a tool within the Tanzu portfolio that provides  backup and migration of Kubernetes applications and their persistent volumes.

VMware Tanzu Cloudian

When VMware started the Tanzu project, they saw Kubernetes as a ‘Goldilocks’ abstraction layer—something that is low enough level that you can run pretty much any application, but high enough level that it hides the specifics of the infrastructure environment.

Simplify Kubernetes Deployment

Now, Tanzu makes Kubernetes easy to consistently deploy.  Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services to transform the way the enterprise builds software on Kubernetes: a complete, easy-to-upgrade Kubernetes runtime with pre-integrated and validated components that can run consistently across the data center, public cloud and edge to offer a unified experience.

Within the Tanzu portfolio, Velero is open-source software for backup and restore of Kubernetes cluster resources. Velero leverages Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible object storage as a backup target. A pre-existing S3 plugin simplifies Velero integration. HyperStore’s elastic, scalable architecture makes it easy to start small and non-disruptively grow to meet changing needs. In contrast to using a public cloud, HyperStore can be deployed on-premises for cost savings and operational flexibility. 

VMware Velero Cloudian

VMware is now simplifying Kubernetes deployment with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid,  a complete, easy-to-upgrade Kubernetes runtime with pre-integrated and validated components. It can run consistently across your data center, public cloud and edge to offer a unified experience for all development teams.

With Tanzu, enterprises can build new cloud-native applications, target existing applications for modernization, and transform operations.

S3-Compatible Backup Target from Cloudian

Cloudian supports Tanzu with cloud-native storage, delivering the scalability and flexibility of cloud infrastructure to enterprise data centers. Designed entirely around the S3 API and architected for hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments, Cloudian solutions provide the ideal storage foundation for Tanzu.

With this announcement, VMware is reinforcing Kubernetes’ role as the ‘Goldilocks’ abstraction layer that brings consistency to the fragmented, multi-cloud world. Cloudian completes this picture with a storage architecture designed with the same goal in mind.

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