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Find Out If You’re Prepared For A Ransomware Attack Against Your Data!

Do you know if your data is really protected and safe against ransomware attacks which have become one of the top cybersecurity threats facing organizations around the world? With multiple attacks now occurring every minute and an increasing level of ransom payments and other business costs, having the proper cybersecurity protections has become an urgent priority against this accelerating and costly threat.

Organizations who have cybersecurity strategies may feel protected but they can still be vulnerable. For example, while much has been written about network perimeter and firewall security measures, these defenses typically do nothing at all for protecting data, if breached.

What would you do if you discovered that your organization’s data was attacked, encrypted and held hostage for ransom? Do you know if you’re adequately prepared and if your data is safe and protected? It’s well worth checking to know just how secure your data storage is and whether your protections are up to date.

Spend just a few minutes to find out with this cybersecurity assessment, below. Upon completion, you will receive a score and a report of your answers along with suggestions for improvement, if needed.

Take the survey now.

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