By now, you’ve probably heard of the latest major ransomware target: the city of Atlanta. If a major city with a total budget of $2.1 billion dollars is vulnerable to this kind of attack, what can your organization do to respond when you become a target?


You can harden your systems, work diligently on security awareness, and redouble your efforts to prevent malware infections – which are all important. But complex systems result in a complex array of vulnerabilities, and it only takes one to become a victim.


That’s why it’s so important to have an attack-proof recovery strategy in place. One way to thwart ransomware’s encryption is through secure backup. If you can roll back to a previous version of your data – captured before the infection occurred – you can bypass the infection by performing a restore and get back into business.


But just any old backup won’t work. Ransomware can also attack the backup files themselves.  Without the right approach you can re-infect yourself during a restore.

What’s needed is the ability to store data in a manner in which the data is unchangeable – something Cloudian HyperStore does as a natural part of its operation. Block and file storage structures are readily encrypted, making them great targets for ransomware. But object storage can be made immutable – they remain as they were written — with WORM (Write Once, Read Many) technology. Cloudian’s WORM feature allows HyperStore to protect data for the retention period you specify. During that time, the data cannot be either modified or deleted, creating an additional security layer. Furthermore, that is immediately accessible, eliminating the need for a lengthy backup process.


Cloudian’s policy-based data protection features also let you replicate that data to multiple sites, or to the public cloud, if desired. So your data is protected from site-specific threats as well.


In the event of a malware attack, restoring your data becomes a simple task of recovery. Administrators roll back to the last snapshot before the ransomware was executed, perform a restore, and your data is back in business. This could mean a couple of hours, a far cry from the week-long outage that struck Atlanta.


HyperStore’s WORM capabilities are just a few of the security and data protection strategies built into the system. Want to read more? Take a look at our updated blog post on how to stop ransomware, here.

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