Cloudian LogoAt Cloudian, we have been wrestling with the question: Is the quality of our brand identity in alignment with the quality of our products and customer interactions? We know we have some work to do because brand identity is a lot like personal identity – image matters. Details matter too. Visual cues, colors, font, etc. impact decisions, often more than words. With that in mind, keep an eye out for continuing updates to the overall Cloudian brand, but for now – we here at Cloudian are excited to unveil our new corporate logo. You will see it pop up on our outbound-facing collateral beginning today. So I thought I would take a moment to explain the thinking that went in to the logo design and communicate the meaning of its particular design elements.

The logo mark:
Cloudian_Mark_TransparentThe 3-dimensional ‘box-within-a box’ mark suggests the idea of data stored in a private cloud. It conveys structure, data security, openness, limitlessness, trustworthiness; it’s sleek and serious. The open top of the outer box alludes to our open path to the public cloud and our ability to move data seamlessly to and from the cloud.

…and, to top it off, if you look closely, the design incorporates the letter ‘C’ for ‘Cloudian’ which was important to us.

Typeface_TransparentAfter looking at dozens of fonts, we unanimously settled on this semi-custom treatment. We agree that it conveys a modern ‘high tech’ look which is something we desired. It’s calm, straight forward and professional. It’s confident. The name “Cloudian” clearly stands out and the typeface nicely balances the logo mark into an integrated whole.

Colors convey messages just as plainly (and often more powerfully) as words. Color can convey elegance, creativity, seriousness, experience, excitement and dependability.

Green – The color green connotes elegance, efficiency and ecology. It gives the Cloudian mark a clean, modern look and affords the logo with a supporting color palette that will convey a light, yet serious professionalism.

Grey – The color grey gives the Cloudian logo a timeless, practical, and solid look. Grey connotes security, reliability, intelligence, modesty, dignity, maturity and solidity – not a bad collection of attributes for a data storage company.

In summary:

To recap, we wanted to build on the idea of bringing structure to unstructured data. We wanted the mark to speak to on-premises storage, data security, infinite capacity scaling and easy data streaming via an open path to the cloud. And, we wanted to use modern lines, a sleek typeface and compelling colors.

We think we delivered on all fronts. Stay tuned for more Cloudian brand refinements in the coming weeks.

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