Your Nutanix-powered private cloud provides fast, Tier 1 storage for the information you use every day. But what about the information that’s less frequently used, or requires more capacity than your Nutanix cluster has to spare? Cloudian HyperStore is on-prem storage that provides extra capacity for your large-scale storage demands.

HyperStore Enterprise Object Storage Overview

Cloudian HyperStore is petabyte-scalable, on-prem object storage for unstructured data. It employs the S3 interface, so most applications that include public cloud connectivity will work with HyperStore.

Like Nutanix, HyperStore is a scale-out cluster. When you need more capacity you simply add nodes. All capacity resides within a single namespace, so it remains easy to manage. Key features of Cloudian HyperStore include:

  • 100% native S3 interface, so it works with most cloud-enabled applications
  • Scales from TBs to PBs without disruption
  • Fourteen-nines data durability with erasure coding and replication
  • 70% less cost than traditional NAS

Scalable Storage for Data-Intensive Applications

Cloudian HyperStore’s scalability and exceptional data durability make it ideal for use cases such as:

  • Backup and archive: Scalable backup target, compatible with Veritas, Commvault, Veeam, and Rubrik data protection solutions
  • Media and entertainment: HyperStore provides an active archive that’s 100X faster to access than tape, and ⅓ the cost of NAS; compatible with most media asset managers.
  • File management: Offload Tier 1 NAS to extend capacity with zero user disruption

HyperStore is guaranteed compatible with all applications that support the S3 interface, the same interface used by AWS and Google GCP. Think of HyperStore as hyperconverged storage, bringing together multiple data types to one, super-scalable pool.

Multiple Deployment Options

Choose from multiple HyperStore deployment options including:

  • HyperStore within your Nutanix cluster: Run HyperStore software on a Nutanix VM and store data to your Nutanix disk. No additional hardware required. A fast, cost-effective way to get started  or to develop S3-enabled applications.
  • HyperStore as a stand-alone appliance: Deploy HyperStore appliances in your data center for high-capacity, cost effective storage. Locate all nodes locally, or spread them out across multiple locations for distributed storage.

Nutanix is the perfect platform for your frequently used or performance-sensitive data. For everything else, there’s Cloudian. To learn more about our work with Nutanix, come find us at Nutanix .NEXT 2017 at booth G7. Additionally, Sanjay Jagad, our Director of Products and Solutions, will be presenting on how to bring object storage to your Nutanix cluster on June 30th, 11:15am in room Maryland D.

To learn more about Cloudian and sign up for a free trial, visit us at


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