With the popularity of rich media, the proliferation of mobile devices and the digitization of content, there has been an exponential growth in the amount of unstructured data that IT is managing (think medical images or large research data sets).  And this growth is not slowing but increasing. This unprecedented growth is just not sustainable for IT organizations as they try to control costs and limit or reduce the operational complexity in the datacenter.  Enter the need for an evolution in IT – for Software-Defined Infrastructure, and software-defined storage solutions to help store and manage the Big Data tidal wave.


Intel and Cloudian understand the powerful benefits behind software-defined infrastructure, and the real value it delivers to businesses and to the IT organizations behind them. We have been working together to deliver the true benefits of SDI to our joint customers with the world’s largest Big Data storage needs. From enterprises in Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, and Financial Services, to Service Providers like ScaleMatrix, who serve their customers with new, innovative hosted cloud storage solutions, we help them store and manage petabyte-scale data, easily, securely, and cost-effectively.

Cloudian develops 100-percent software-defined object storage software.  We’ve joined Intel’s Storage Builders alliance, an elite group of independent software vendors focused on delivering on the benefits of software-defined infrastructure with innovative software-defined storage solutions. We’re pleased to join the larger Intel’s Builders family of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), operating system vendors (OSVs), and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to support the group’ mission to accelerate global adoption of software-defined infrastructure, including cloud, storage, and networking technologies. We’ve contributed Cloudian’s validated software-defined object storage designs, along with Cloudian HyperStore – our scale-out, ready-to go, object storage software – to deliver customers all the benefits of software-defined storage: scalability, agility, and the choice to build on-premise or hybrid clouds at the lowest cost. We’ve qualified the Intel Xeon processor D-1500 product family for use with Cloudian HyperStore. We’ve also developed a comprehensive reference architecture for Cloudian HyperStore powered by Lenovo hardware.

Customers love the flexibility and scalability of software-defined storage. They can quickly deploy HyperStore for on-premise cloud storage that’s easy to manage but that also allows choice to automatically tier some or all of their data to any S3-compatible cloud in a hybrid model. Global enterprises use HyperStore to easily and securely manage their data stored across multiple datacenters, and Service Provider businesses take advantage of HyperStore’s software-defined architecture to deliver Storage as a Service (StaaS) product offerings to their customers. They are able to quickly deploy and manage these services while easily making updates to continuously deliver new features to their customers.

Together, Cloudian, Intel, and other leading vendors, including Lenovo, are helping organizations embrace the business value of software-defined infrastructure.  We put the power of software-defined object storage in the hands of our joint customers to make their IT organizations, and their infrastructures strong, agile, and ready to meet the demands of their Big Data.

Learn more about Cloudian and Intel Storage Builders.

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