The Cloudian secure hybrid data lake is a scale-out, on-premises data repository. Shared, scalable, and secure, it can house unstructured data of all types for use cases including AI, data observability, data protection, and more. It offers a unique combination of capabilities that make it ideal for capacity-intensive workloads that require cloud-like capabilities, but in an on-premises setting.

Solutions for AI

Cloudian HyperStore offers the ideal storage for AI systems, providing a scalable, affordable, and fault-tolerant object storage platform that meets the unique requirements of AI workloads. With geo-distribution, you can locate Cloudian systems wherever needed. All flash and HDD-based options let choose the performance required for your workload.

Cloudian HyperStore optimizes AI workloads by supporting popular machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Spark ML. These frameworks are specifically designed for parallel training from object storage, providing improved performance and compatibility. Organizations can harness the power of GPUs without storage limitations, maximizing the utilization of expensive and high-demand resources.

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Solutions for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloudian is ideal for backup and disaster recovery purposes due to its high durability, availability and cost effectiveness. With multiple levels of redundancy, Cloudian’s highly durable architecture ensures that data remains intact even in the event of hardware failures or disasters. Furthermore, data stored on an object storage platform can easily be made immutable, which means it’s protected from encryption by ransomware.

Cloudian is compatible with data protection software from Veeam, Rubrik, Commvault, Veritas, and more.

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Solutions for Observability

A Cloudian Data Lake is an ideal storage platform for data observability due to its robust scalability, comprehensive metadata management, and seamless integration with analytics tools. The platform’s native support for S3 API ensures compatibility with a wide range of data observability and analytics tools such as Splunk and Cribl, enabling seamless integration and efficient data processing.

Its scalable architecture allows organizations to handle large volumes of diverse data types, essential for thorough data observability across various environments. Furthermore, Cloudian’s multi-tenancy and secure access controls ensure that observability data remains isolated and protected, making it a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining comprehensive data visibility and control in complex IT environments.

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