lakeIn the dynamic landscape of data-driven decision-making, maintaining sovereignty over your data is no longer a preference but a necessity. Enter Cloudian – an AI-ready, multi-tenant, secure hybrid datalake for your S3 applications.

Revolutionizing Data Management: A Paradigm Shift

Purpose-built for S3-enabled applications, this revolutionary paradigm transforms the conventional approach to capacity-intensive computing, offering a shared infrastructure that caters to large-scale data management, data analysis, and deep learning.

Versatility Beyond Limits: Uncover the Cloudian Advantage

Store and protect any volume of data across a spectrum of use cases, from AI and machine learning to data observability, cloud-native applications, backups, and archives. Build cutting-edge applications that scale seamlessly in a highly available configuration. Achieve data resilience with backup and restore capabilities, meeting stringent Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Seamlessly integrate workloads with the public cloud, ensuring full data portability.

Cloudian HyperStore: Redefining Data Management Infrastructure

secure hybrid datalakeCloudian’s HyperStore software lets you deploy an award-winning, cloud-native data management infrastructure anywhere – in the data center, at the edge, or in the cloud. Experience limitless scalability, both in capacity and geographic reach.

With its modular, peer-to-peer architecture, Cloudian’s S3-compatible platform starts simple and stays simple as your data needs evolve. Scale non-disruptively, building a global data lake with the ease of single-point data management.

Embark on a journey where data sovereignty meets innovation. Here are 10 compelling reasons why Cloudian stands as your ideal choice for the next frontier in data management.

  1. AI with a secure hybrid datalakeAI Ready: Cloudian’s unified storage datalake consolidates file and object data into a single platform. Limitlessly scalable and seamlessly compatible with popular AI tools such as Pytorch, Confluent/Kafka, and Apache SPARK, Cloudian supports your AI/ML initiatives.
  2. multitenancyMulti-Tenancy: Cloudian supports multiple users and data types within a securely shared, massively scalable storage infrastructure that promotes collaboration and efficient data management.
  3. securitySecurity: Control data access with military-grade security — validated in government certification testing — and defend against ransomware attacks with S3 Object Lock data immutability. Cloudian’s security-first architecture ensures regulatory compliance and protects the integrity of your critical information.hybrid
  4. Hybrid Cloud Ready: Consolidate your on-premises datalake and public cloud environments within a unified framework. With Cloudian’s policy-based tools for intelligent data management, you can locate data where you need – whether on-prem or cloud – for disaster recovery, application portability, and workflow acceleration.
  5. s3 bucketS3-Compatibile: Get seamless execution of your S3-enabled applications with Cloudian’s industry-leading S3 compatibility. Only Cloudian delivers a native S3 API implementation that ensures compatibility now and in the future.
  6. geo distGeo-Distribution: Deploy storage at multiple locations and manage the global infrastructure as one system. Cloudian’s geo-distributed architecture delivers a secure hybrid datalake with location control and single-screen data management for enhanced data availability, low-latency data access, and full data sovereignty.
  7. bucket levelGranular Data Management: Eliminate tradeoffs with bucket-level policy management that lets you optimize performance, data durability, and capacity efficiency for each of your use cases. With fine-grained management, you can configure the best policies for each workload.
  8. scalable secure hybrid datalakeExabyte scalability: Start small and scale seamlessly to exabytes without interruption, thanks to Cloudian’s modular architecture that allows for on-demand capacity expansion.
  9. high performance secure hybrid datalakeAll flash or HDD options: Get the performance your workload requires with either all-flash for high performance, or HDD for the lowest total cost of ownership. Deploy on the hardware of your choice or select pre-configured Cloudian appliances for a seamless ownership experience.
  10. high roiHighest ROI: Enhance your ROI through large-scale data consolidation and efficient, low-overhead capacity utilization. Cloudian’s hardware-agnostic business model ensures that you will never over-pay for capacity.

Elevate Your Data Management with Cloudian HyperStore

Embark on a transformative journey in data management with Cloudian HyperStore secure hybrid datalake software. Experience the empowerment to construct a highly scalable, secure, and AI-ready data lake that defies geographical constraints. Whether in the data center, at the edge, or in the cloud, Cloudian redefines control, simplicity, and efficiency in data management. Gain data sovereignty and ignite of innovation with Cloudian – a realm where data converges with limitless possibilities.

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