Cloud Integration

Integrate public cloud and on-prem storage, easily, without additional software layers. Whether your objective is DR in the cloud, archival storage in the cloud, or content distribution, Cloudian makes it simple. With the industry’s most compatible S3 API and multi-cloud support for AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure, you can manage and search a single view of information that spans your cloud and on-prem environments.

Hybrid Cloud

Cloudian HyperStore speaks the language of the cloud, so it integrates seamlessly with Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure. For disaster recovery, use the included tools to replicate data to the cloud. To free up on-prem capacity, implement data tiering with policy-based migration to the cloud.  Either way, Cloudian makes it easy to capitalize on the cloud of your choice.

Share Data Among Cloud and On-Prem Applications

Cloudian employs cloud-native data formats, so it’s simple to share data with cloud-based applications. Data stored to the cloud can be directly accessed within AWS, Google GCP, or Azure Blob. Media files, for example, can be created on-prem and then accessed by cloud-based image recognition applications. Now you can create, process, store and share data anywhere, both cloud and on-prem.

Multi-Cloud Controller

Managing data across multiple public clouds is a challenge. Cloudian HyperStore can help. A HyperStore instance running in the cloud appears as a Cloudian node, and can be clustered with other Cloudian nodes, whether running on-prem or in other clouds. Benefits of this include:

  • A common set of management tools: Migrate, replicate, and even stripe data across multiple clouds with one tool set. Manage information with Cloudian’s UI, or automate processes using the scriptable CLI.
  • A single API: With Cloudian you can access storage in all clouds – AWS, Azure Blob, and Google GCP – using a common S3 API.
  • One view of data across clouds: View and search data across clouds using a single view of data and a shared search tool.


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