Try Cloudian Object Storage now… for free!

Now you can now launch a 6-node Cloudian cluster in the Google Cloud, automatically. There is nothing to buy or configure. Just register and launch your cluster. In about 25 minutes, your cluster will be ready to use. Test clusters remain up and running for three days. Click here to start.


Same Cloudian Software as Cloudian On-Prem

Your Google Cloud test cluster operates exactly as a production Cloudian cluster. This is not a simulation. It’s the same Cloudian software that you can deploy in your data center.


To Get Started

  1. Start your test drive by registering here.
  2. Launch auto config process. It takes about 25 mins for configs to complete.
  3. Log in. These are your login credentials:

Simple Quick Start Guide

Once you’re logged in, the Quick Start Guide will walk you through cluster configuration. Configure users, set up data protection, learn about cluster management.

View the Quick Start Guide here.


Experience Next Gen Enterprise Storage

The Test Drive makes it easy to experience next gen storage management in minutes.  Try all the functionality of the Cloudian solution now and see how easy it is to deploy limitlessly scalable object storage. Cloudian object storage gives you petabyte scalability, embedded metadata for search, plus integrated data protection.

Register Here

Sign up for your test drive here and get started today.