Media Management Solutions that Accelerate Your Workflow


The broadcast industry needs high-capacity storage and fast media access to keep up with time-pressured workflows. While traditional SAN and NAS storage systems often fill this role, new formats such as 4K, 360 degree, and 60 frame video introduce greater storage challenges. As capacity requirements grow exponentially, traditional solutions become cost-prohibitive and insufficiently scalable.


Cloudian and Evolphin Zoom together to provide a scalable solution for asset management that accelerates workflows by making it fast and easy to store, find and retrieve media. Evolphin Zoom is an enterprise software hub that manages the capture, production and distribution of digital media content. Cloudian HyperStore complements Evolphin with a disk-based active archive that delivers near-instantaneous access to assets from an on-prem repository. The Evolphin Zoom archiving module provides administrators with the ability to archive a file, a collection of files or folders, or even an entire project to the Cloudian HyperStore. File restore is equally simple. Zoom complements the embedded metadata storage capabilities of Cloudian HyperStore and allows users to categorize assets — including asset versions. Metadata can be retained locally within Zoom and exported to Cloudian to facilitate search. The user can import and search embedded or custom metadata associated with each digital asset, and establish controlled vocabularies and taxonomies. The result is faster and more accurate search.

Scalable Storage in Your Data Center

Cloudian lets you start small, with just three modular nodes, and seamlessly scale to petabytes without interruption or downtime. Ideal for your growing active archive, a Cloudian storage cluster grows with your needs — just add more storage nodes. For robustness and always-on data access, Cloudian lets you distribute data across nodes, ensuring built-in data durability. Even if a node fails, you can always access your media.

100X Faster than Tape, 70% Less Cost than Traditional Storage

Cloudian provides the nearly instant media access of disk — at least 100X faster than with tape. Compare with traditional Tier 1 storage, Cloudian saves 70% on cost. In many cases, Cloudian is less expensive than public cloud.

Proven Together in Production Deployments

Evolphin Zoom and Cloudian HyperStore are proven in production deployments including use at a major network for a weekly comedy show. The two solutions are tightly integrated with metadata tagging that enhances search capabilities. Store information such as scene content, sound clip descriptions, or image subject. This allows content creators to capture important attributes about the file and enable rapid media search.

Works with Cloud Storage to Make It Faster and Easier

Cloudian also offers data tiering to the public cloud. Combine your on-premises storage and public cloud storage (such as Amazon S3) into a single management pool. This gives you the fast access of local storage and the limitless capacity of cloud, together in one pool.

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  • Proven with Evolphin Zoom in production deployments
  • 100X faster data access than tape
  • Rich metadata tagging
  • Cross-region replication for DR and collaboration
  • Integration with public cloud storage

“Tape was killing us with constant migrations and slow access. With Evolphin and Cloudian we have instant media access, and we’ve finally made our last media migration.”

— Broadcast Post-Production Manager