Cloudian Object Storage for Video Surveillance

Cloudian’s video surveillance storage solution addresses the two most compelling challenges facing the video surveillance industry: scalability and searchability. With its capability to scale to hundreds of petabytes, not only can Cloudian’s solution store the burgeoning volume of video data, it can also provide fine-grain searchability of this enormous amount of audio and video data through the use of embedded metadata.

The Cloudian Video Surveillance Storage Solution

The Cloudian storage solution provides several benefits for storing all the video and audio data generated by modern video surveillance solutions. Cloudian offers a highly scalable, secure and fault-tolerant platform, along with embedded metadata tags that allow the data to be labeled and quickly searched for specific patterns via integrated tools such as Elasticsearch.

Enabling an intelligent video surveillance ecosystem across all industries

Key Solution Benefits

  • Petabyte-scalable to handle extended retention time requirements.
  • Unmatched data durability — with choice of erasure coding and/or replication across nodes, data centers, and locations.
  • Rich metadata tagging to store user-defined metadata with the actual media data.
  • Drop-in Integration: Validated with popular cameras and VMS systems.
  • Consolidation of disparate storage silos with a single scalable storage platform that offers flexible configuration options, including tiering to AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or other cloud locations.
  • Performance to handle the largest environments with bandwidth for HD and multi-megapixel content.
  • Simplified storage management across all locations including the cloud.
  • Cost-effective economics — reduce storage infrastructure and operating costs.

The Changing Dynamics of Video Surveillance

Technology has evolved the nature of video surveillance and its applications.

  • Cameras have grown in density. Today, a camera does not necessarily have just one lens; it may have multiple lenses in a single package, all recording simultaneously.
  • Camera resolution has dramatically increased, allowing small details to be viewed and recorded, driving greater efficiencies at identifying events or incidents.
  • Advancements in AI technologies through machine learning and deep learning are being rapidly adopted and integrated into the camera, storage, and VMS to help drive real-time analytics.
  • Cloud-like on-premises storage solutions that can scale storage capacity and performance dynamically have become a necessity, lowering costs while delivering required security and data protection.

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Ten Reasons to Consider Object Storage for Video Surveillance