Cloudian recently announced support for Microsoft SQL Server 2022 storage. After completing rigorous testing in conjunction with Microsoft, Cloudian now offers SQL Server 2022 users new opportunities to deploy storage architectures that complement and enhance SQL Server 2022 storage capabilities. Here are three reasons to consider Cloudian’s S3-compatible object storage for your SQL Server deployment.

Cloud-native object storage, on-prem

  1. Scalability: The SQL Server 2022 platform lets you eliminate data silos. But to accomplish this, you need a storage platform that can grow with your needs. Cloudian object storage is a cloud-native storage architecture that you can deploy wherever you need it. Like the public cloud, it is designed to scale seamlessly — from a small system to exabytes. The modular growth means you never run out of capacity, and you never need to create new storage silos.
  2. Security: SQL Server offers robust security, but to ensure end-to-end data protection you need a storage platform that is secure as well. Cloudian meets this need with the most complete set of certifications in object storage. And with security features such as data immutability, access controls, encryption, and secure shell for tamper-proof operation. Proven in the toughest government testing, Cloudian object storage is deployed today in government labs, secure sites, university labs, finance, and healthcare.
  3. Performance: Fast queries are critical to user satisfaction. Cloudian delivers performance your users will love. First, Cloudian offers all-flash appliances with enterprise-grade NVMe flash, the most durable flash media. Second, Cloudian is a peer-to-peer architecture, so all storage nodes operate in parallel. This means performance grows as your system grows. Third, Cloudian helps with latency by keeping data local. Deploy Cloudian anywhere, alongside your SQL Servers to keep latency down. And if your complex environment spans multiple locations, Cloudian can keep things simple for you. With geo-distribution capabilities built-in, you can put data anywhere you need it, while still retaining the management simplicity of a single storage system. Local data combined with global management.

Object storage for Microsoft SQL Server 2022

70% savings vs traditional storage

Cloudian saves on cost, too. Because Cloudian runs on industry-standard servers, you gain the cost efficiency of commodity hardware. Compared with traditional systems, savings can be up to 70%. In the future, as storage hardware costs decline, your hardware costs will come down as well, so you save today and you save down the road.

Multiple use cases

Cloudian HyperStore and Microsoft SQL Server together enable the creation and deployment of analytical queries for complex applications in cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, risk management and many other areas. In these, Cloudian addresses three main use cases:

  • Staging files for loading
  • Storing database backups
  • Enabling federated queries using data stored with HyperStore

Cloud native storage on-prem for Microsoft SQL Server 2022

Hybrid cloud integration

Cloudian can also integrate with Azure Blob storage, opening up additional data management options. Cloudian’s integrated policy-based tiering and replication lets you create — for DR purposes — a data copy that is continuously kept up to date.  Or you can tier data to Azure to create a storage platform that scales as needed. Hybrid cloud with gives you local data access for performance and availability, combined with the public cloud for scale and DR.

On-prem cloud storage architectures create new opportunities

Cloudian delivers a cloud-like storage environment wherever you need it, at the edge or core. Secure, scalable and self-protecting with configurable erasure coding, it lets you manage data at one site or at multiple sites, all under one user interface. A single, searchable data lake that lets you store data everywhere, yet find it anywhere. And now it integrates with the power of Microsoft SQL Server 2022 for an unbeatable combination.

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