Cloudian object storage is now certified with Vertica! Data warehouse and analytics users have a new option to get on-prem, scalable storage capacity at a fraction of the cost. Cloudian is private cloud storage that’s like public cloud storage, except that it’s in your data center, behind your firewall and costs you up to 70% less than public cloud or traditional on-prem storage. (Listing on Vertica site here.)

Data warehouse with Vertica and Cloudian. Data Lake with scalable S3-compatible object storage.

If you’re new to Cloudian, Cloudian HyperStore is S3-compatible, scale-out object storage software that provides fast and cost-effective on-prem storage for creating data lakes. Cloudian storage lets you start small and expand seamlessly from terabytes to petabytes of capacity, either on the hardware platform of your choice or on Cloudian storage appliances.

The new combination of Vertica plus Cloudian lets you save cost and simplify management in several ways:

Independently Scale Capacity and Performance

Vertica, in Eon mode, separates compute scaling and storage scaling.  You can elastically and independently vary the number of compute nodes or storage nodes depending on need. This makes it far simpler to meet specific application requirements.  And it saves cost by letting you right-size all resources to boost operating efficiency. Adjusting the size of your cluster does not interrupt analytic workloads, giving you cloud-like flexibility within the security of your own data center.

Meet Compliance and Data Governance Requirements

For users in government, financial services, healthcare, and other regulated industries, data sovereignty is must. If your use case requires data locality for compliance, Cloudian can help. Cloudian is an on-prem private cloud that gives you the scalability and simplicity of the public cloud… wherever you need it to be. Deploy in a data center, healthcare facility, financial center, or anywhere local storage is required.

Boost Performance

For use cases that demand fast response time, Cloudian offers all-flash capabilities. Deploy HyperStore on all-flash platforms to reduce latency, or on HDD platforms to minimize cost.

Cut Storage Costs by 70%

Storage costs can be significant in large-scale data warehouse use cases. Cloudian drives costs down with 70% savings vs public cloud storage or traditional on-prem infrastructure. With costs as low as 0.5¢ per GB/Month including hardware and support, Cloudian costs far less than public cloud.

Drop-in Integration

For the Vertica certification, Cloudian passed rigorous testing — including performance characterization — to assure that it would perform flawlessly with Vertica in Eon mode.


With today’s growing security threats, data security is a paramount concern. Cloudian is a hardened solution, verified in US government certification testing. It provides extensive security features including transparent key management, AES-256 server-side encryption for data at rest, SSL for data in flight (HTTPS), role-based access control with specified levels of access, audit trail logging, and WORM (Write Once Read Multiple) for immutable data storage and ransomware protection.

Hybrid Cloud Ready

Cloudian is on-prem storage that integrates directly with public cloud storage services. Employ policy-based tools to replicate or tier data to AWS, GCP, Azure, or another Cloudian HyperStore cluster for offsite DR, capacity expansion, or data analysis in the cloud.


The solution allows multiple users to analyze data sitting on a single, shared data lake infrastructure without compromising security. HyperStore gives role-based access to system and group administrators and to end users. Users can select and provision storage services on-demand from a service catalog. Billing, metering and QOS are built into the HyperStore platform to enable a full multi-tenant deployment.

Cloud Technology in Your Data Center

Data warehouse and data lake environments are fueling rapid data growth in multi-petabyte data sets. Traditional storage infrastructure solutions cannot keep up, either in scale or cost-effectiveness. In addition, enterprises are concerned with accessibility, elasticity, and security while looking to getting timely insights from their data.

Cloudian HyperStore and Vertica in Eon mode now offer a secure, scalable, cloud-compatible solution that puts the power of cloud technology in your data center. Read more about the joint solution here.


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