Cloudian Integrates with Google Cloud Platform’s New Archival Storage Service

Today Cloudian is part of the launch of Google Cloud Platform’s new long-term archive service, Google Cloud Storage Coldline. The new service is intended for companies looking for long-term data retention.

Coldline is highly available (99% availability SLA) and has low latency, making it easy to access and retrieve your data when you need it without having to wait days in between. Because the Coldline API is compatible with other storage classes, it works well with Google’s other storage classes, including Nearline.

Cloudian HyperStore is seamlessly integrated with Google Cloud Storage Coldline, and provides anywhere from terabytes to hundreds of petabytes of on-premises storage. Policy-based data migration lets you move data to Coldline based on rules such as data type, age, and frequency of access.


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To enable rapid data search, metadata stubs are retained within Cloudian platform after data is migrated. The combination of on-premises storage, rules-based migration, and rapid search make it incredibly easy to store, manage, and retrieve your long-term data.

You can learn more about Google Cloud Storage Coldline and the ‘Switch and Save’ program on the official page.

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