Cisco Media Blueprint Adds Cloudian HyperStore as Next Generation Storage Option for Media & Entertainment Companies

We’ve got good news for media and entertainment companies that are struggling to keep up with their intensifying data storage needs. Cloudian recently announced  that we’ve expanded our partnership with Cisco by joining the Cisco Media Blueprint.

This exciting news means that the seamless scalability of the Cloudian HyperStore object storage system is now available as a certified solution within Cisco’s ecosystem of IP-based infrastructure and software solutions designed for the rigorous demands of media and entertainment companies.

When it comes to storage, the media and entertainment industry is pushing the limits like no other. As more media companies embrace any-screen digital experiences, live OTT streaming video, augmented and virtual reality, and 4K video, the need for quick access to reliable and searchable data is escalating at a record pace. But for an industry where nearly half of all companies rely on an aging and inflexible LTO tape infrastructure, problems related to data access, reliability, searchability, and scalability become critical very quickly.

Why Media & Entertainment Companies Rely on Cloudian

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to move to an IP-based object storage system like Cloudian HyperStore.  So why are media companies embracing Cloudian as their active archive solution? The following are jut some of the main reasons:  

  • Infinitely Scalable – smoothly scale from terabytes to petabytes with disk-based storage that is 100X faster than tape and 70% cheaper than traditional Tier 1 storage
  • Built-in Collaboration and DR – easily create nodes in multiple geographic locations to support distributed teams and disaster recovery requirements
  • Compatibility with Popular MAMs – use Cloudian seamlessly with all the popular media asset manager software, including Primestream, Evertz, Evolphin, Viz One, Empress, and more
  • Near Instantaneous Data Access – find media in milleseconds, not minutes (or hours), and move large files at multiple gigabytes per second, without any performance bottlenecks
  • On-premise + Public Cloud Storage – leverage Cloudian’s data tiering capabilities to combine your on-premises and public cloud storage into a single management pool
  • Rich Media Tagging – add user-defined metadata to your media data (at any time), allowing you to find files via key attributes like scene content, sound clip descriptions, and more
  • Lower TCO – enjoy costs as low as ½ cent per GB/month, and move inactive data on expensive Tier 1 storage to Cloudian storage with no change in access for end users

Cisco + Cloudian

Media companies that are already taking advantage of Cisco Media Blueprint to support the escalating demands of their video production and distribution networks now have a powerful way to ensure near instantaneous and secure access to their active archives.  Cloudian’s compatibility certification for the Cisco UCS S3260 storage server and integrated UCS Manager makes it easy for media companies to reap the benefits of disc-based storage at lower TCO than LTO tape.

Proven Success

But don’t just take our word for it. Read about the benefits that an iconic Saturday night comedy show achieved by migrating 40+ years of media assets to our S3-compatible cloud storage.

Want to learn more? Check out our other media and entertainment case studies, or visit us at one of our upcoming events.  

Stop wasting time migrating data, verifying quality, expanding capacity, or looking for insufficiently tagged media files. Try Cloudian today!

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