Did you hear the great news about Cloudian and Dell? The two companies just announced a joint partnership after rigorous testing that certifies HyperStore® on Dell PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage.The combined solution will make it easy for administrators to build full-featured, on-premise, Amazon S3-compliant cloud storage. Cloudian HyperStore-integrated solutions provide multi-data center storage, unlimited scale, fully automated data tiering to the cloud, plus support for all S3 applications — all behind your firewall.  I understand how important it is for system administrators to have an integrated solution that has been properly tested and qualified. Nobody wants unexpected errors and incompatibilities to arise when it is time to deploy a solution. I am sure that we have all faced similar situations in the past and hope to never experience that situation again. I can safely say with confidence that both companies  worked hard to ensure synergism between the hardware and software components. Common use cases for this combined solution are Backup and Archive, Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing, Data Analytics, and Private and Hybrid Cloud Storage.


Here is a list of the benefits that the combined solution offers:

  • Pre-tested and certified: HyperStore on Dell’s Enterprise-leading PowerEdge Servers and PowerVault Storage
  • Easy out-of-the-box deployment
  • Scalable to hundreds of petabytes across many regions
  • Simple to grow – add capacity on demand
  • Data protection with replication and erasure coding
  • Encryption for secure data storage
  • Efficiency with data compression
  • Comprehensive multi-tenant services & QoS
  • Dynamic data tiering to Amazon S3, Glacier, and S3-compatible clouds


For more information, please view the joint Solution Brief.

Until we meet again, have a great day and look to the cloud!.

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